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3600 EUR

Il Fiume / The River


Signed Dated Titled Framed



160 x 100 cm
62.99 x 39 in







TECHNIQUE:Edition 1/2, diptych, 100x80 cm each one; True giclèe print on 100% Baryta cotton paper applied on Dibond with certified neutral Ph double-sided tape.


Art Market Budapest , 2019, Budapest, Hungary;

La trama delle cose, IAGA Contemporary Art, 2015, Cluj-Napoca, Romania;

Times and genesis, Museum of Art, 2016, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.


La trama delle cose, IAGA Contemporary Art, 2015, p.34-35;

Times and genesis, IAGA Contemporary Art, 2016, p.38.

1975 Castellaneta, Italy

Nicola Vinci is a photographer born in Castellaneta (Taranto), Italy, in the 1975, and he is graduated in Visual Arts from the Academy of fine Arts of Bari, Italy.

Nicola Vinci is one of the most lyrical and narrative Italian photographers, internationally known and followed by more careful criticism. The works of the series "Storie" ("Stories") are realized in 2013 and composed of ten environments of deep and disturbing poem, where two children are questioning the observer, asking in a gentle way the mystery of life, the feelings of the beginning and of the end of things. Questions that only children could make, with rooms full of suspended time, between objects that tell a story intimate and elusive, yet known to all: that the life of every day, full of spirituality and poetry. Each photo is made with true Giclèe print and mounted on dibond; another cycle is entitled "Il Nodo"("The Knot"): the photographs are arranged in a composition of several pieces, to form landscapes as fragments of glances and places, once again intended to question the public on the significance of time and space through the vision of environments, the streets, the skies and details that we look and life every day.

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Cluj-Napoca, Strada Cloșca 9-11

IAGA Contemporary Art was established in 2014, in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. IAGA’s mission is to create a relationship between different artists, coming from different parts of Europe, creating a network between artists, collectors, experts. Actually, IAGA promotes artists from Italy, Romania, Poland, Moldavia, and many other countries, and is willing to pro...

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Luise Friederike Charlotte Eleonora Chee


60 x 100 cm