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Fractal IV



57 x 77 cm
22 x 30.31 in








Mixed (oil and acrylic) on paper

1977 Seville, Spain

Already in consolidated maturity, enjoys nature and the animal world that inhabits it, to the point that everything in it in joy, song, enthusiasm, and of course color; Even when he uses the blue ink pen as the only element, his paintings show light. An artist with more concern and occupation in the animal world is not known on the national scene, to the point that she could venture that almost all of her work deals with this ecology of fauna and flora. We welcome an extraordinary artist, fertile as the goddess Gea who offers us thousands and thousands of varieties of life forms from her belly.

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Sevilla, Calle Martín Villa nº 5, 5º A,

The CESAR SASTRE Gallery has always sought the relationship between literature and plastic art, having incorporated the following parameters into its exhibition project: • Collection of books in which artists and poets have collaborated in a common thematic work. "Meat and sleep" • Literature and Art Magazine. “The Viewpoint of the Winds” • Coll...

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