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Seville, Spain

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Works by Montse Caraballo

Fractal IV


77 x 57cm

Fractal II


75 x 57cm

Fractal I


75 x 57cm

Fractal III


77 x 57cm

Already in consolidated maturity, enjoys nature and the animal world that inhabits it, to the point that everything in it in joy, song, enthusiasm, and of course color; Even when he uses the blue ink pen as the only element, his paintings show light. An artist with more concern and occupation in the animal world is not known on the national scene, to the point that she could venture that almost all of her work deals with this ecology of fauna and flora. We welcome an extraordinary artist, fertile as the goddess Gea who offers us thousands and thousands of varieties of life forms from her belly.

Participation in the Arte Laraña group with interventions in the faculty and in the street,
Arte Paso, Nueva Sevilla. Works exhibited in virtual gallery www. dearte.com
Jan Home artistic association BLITZ.
Creation of contemporary art magazine "BLITZ".
Management and development of an artistic itinerary in Sevillian rooms; Meteor space,
Endanza Room, Living Room, Full Art Gallery.
Happening "You Choose", Video Creation; Full Art Gallery.
Exhibition "Living Show Room", Sala de eStar, Seville.
Participation meeting Los Santos de Maimona, Badajoz.
Participation in Meeting 03, La Rábida, Huelva
La Fundición room installation, Seville.
"La Gusa" restaurant exhibition, Córdoba.
Exhibition "Youth Week", Seville (IAJ).
Exhibition-intervention. FAU Youth Council, Seville.
Exhibition-intervention. FAU Youth Council, Seville.
Participation performance in the opening party "Cirque du Soleil" by Rubén Barroso.

Action "Wellcome to the wonderfull world" Containers'04.
BLITZ Anniversary; Creation / projection of documentary video "In situ", Full Art
Installation "Drink and drink" and "The courteous tourist" ForoSur, Cáceres
Collective exhibition Hall of eStar during Biennial Of Art, Seville

Blitz_art Exhibition in Las Columnas Hall, Seville
Individual exhibition Café Barí Gallery, Seville
Collective exhibition "Art and politics" MACBA, Barcelona. Curated by Fernando
Collective exhibition "Reconstruction", Room of the UGT, Lebrija
Collective exhibition "Passions", Sala Sigos del Mediodía, Seville
Installation “MiniFerrys” Plza. Concordia, Seville. Containers Action Art Festival.05
Exhibition pictorial research "3 were 3 and Time is One"; RTVA Headquarters, La
Cartuja, Seville
Exhibition "Open 05", Monastery of San Jerónimo, Seville
Exhibition pictorial investigation "3 were 3 and Time is One"; RTVA Headquarters,
Collective exhibition at the Culture Fair, Pilas, Sevilla
"Visionaries 05" Blitz. Collective Exhibition (management and participation), Sala
Santa Inés, Sevilla
Collective Exhibition. Hotel Antequera Golf, Malaga
“Infiltrados” Collective. Bulwark of the Candelaria, Cádiz
“Passions” SIMAC organized collective, Seville
“Out of Catalog”. Andalusian Center for Contemporary Art Collective. Seville

“Art and market” Installation at the Feria street market, Seville
Collective Exhibition Books of Artists in stand of the Estampa gallery, Estampa Fair -
“Guernica, 25 years later”, Collective Exhibition, Imagoforum Gallery. Seville
“En Off”, Collective Exhibition, Neilson Gallery Gallery, Grazalema - Cádiz
“Landscapes of the Almario”, Collective Exhibition Gallery Signs of the Midday,
“In the jungle I am the King”, Collective exhibition, Sala de eStar, Sevilla
“Art of Women”, Selection of the Contest, Santa Fé - Granada
​​Exhibition 4 women, Wies Willemsen Gallery, Amsterdam - Netherlands
“Art of Women”, Selection Contest, Dos Hermanas, Sevilla
Utrera Painting Contest, selection, Utrera, Seville
II Cádiz Contemporary Art Fair (Neilson Gallery), Santa Catalina Castle, Cádiz
“Concepcionistas”, Blitz Collective Exhibition, Convent of the Concepcionistas, Vejer
de la Frontera, Cádiz
Selection Esprohident Foundation Competition, Jerez de la Frontera, Cádiz
Publication Gallery Digital magazine “The Spy”, Cádiz
“Geographies of water”, Collective exhibition, Antequera, Málaga
“Art in the mouth”, Collective exhibition (performance blitz), Organized by Cajasol,
Jerez de la Frontera
“Aqua 2007”, collective, MECA gallery, Almería
Exhibition of Public Works and Transport Painting Prize. Young art Seville
Christmas Collectives; Carmen Carmona Gallery and Reales Alcázares Acquisition

Miscellaneous. Collective Hall of the Diputación de Córdoba
"From A to Z". Catalog of Andalusian Artists. ARCO presentation
​​"Geographies of Water", Traveling collective exhibition. Granada box. Pomegranate
“Los Claveles” Collective exhibition painting. Chirivella Soriano Foundation. Valencia
Contemporary Art Fair 08 Cádiz. Santa Catalina Castle. Cádiz
Neilson Gallery anniversary exhibition. Bulwark of the Candelaria. Cádiz
Art Fair Marbella-Carmen Carmona Gallery
IAJ finalist. Arte Joven, Junta de Andalucía and Painting Public Works and Transport
Prize, Sevilla
Acquisition of painting prize Ciudad de Utrera. Utrera, Seville
"The rational animal". Individual Exhibition Rita Castellote Gallery. Madrid
"I need a flower". Individual Exhibition Neilson Gallery. Grazalema, Cádiz
"The landscape and the metaphor." Collective The spaceship. Seville
Painting collection Ciudad de Utrera. Santa Inés Room. Seville
Exhibition painting Diputación de Sevilla. Province House. Seville- “Encapsulated”
New York
Christmas Collectives; "The spaceship. Seville
Montana Shop Gallery. Seville
Rita Castellote Gallery. Madrid
Exhibition painting Diputación de Sevilla. House of Culture Alcalá de Guadaira
Finalist Contest CCOO Day of Working Women. Seville
Collective exhibition "Al Xaraft", Albaida del Aljarafe

“Encapsulated”, Plaza Dña Elvira, Seville
Christmas Collectives; The importer, Montana Shop Gallery
“Exquisite Corpse”, curated project Manolo Cuervo.
​​Acquisition of Work for the collection “If a young reporter, his dog and a captain… The
adventure of the clear line (1930-2007)”
Illustrations of the Sierra de Sevilla. Education Counseling
D-space; Pictorial installation in Plaza del Pan
Illustrated travel book, Delegation of Culture, Málaga
Exhibition "Microformats", Albareda, 11 - Seville
Individual exhibition "I need a flower", La Importadora, Sevilla
Collective exhibition “Ways to look”, La Importadora, Sevilla
Selected in Painting Contest City of Utrera
Artistic residence New Delhi, NIV Art Center Exhibition "Locus Solus"
Collective exhibition "Good Intentions", La Importadora / El Porvenir, Seville
Exhibition "The Dream", La Importadora, Sevilla
Home Homage to the Comic Exhibition (funds from the Diputación de Sevilla), Casa de
la Provincia, Seville
Cervantes Institute Exhibition New Delhi, India
Artistic Residence Scholarship “Costa Line” ECCO Cádiz
Focusing and Diana, Collective Exhibition, 0034 Gallery, Seville
Collective Exhibition, Red Gallery, Seville

“My realities and a universal truth” Individual Exhibition, Neilson Gallery, Grazalema
ECCO Museum Individual Exhibition, “Maritime Sayings”
Realization mural drawing
FINDE specific project ECCO Cádiz
Creation Project with “Le voilà” “Impossible Objects”
Project Workshop Festival Dmencia - Doña Mencía (Córdoba) (Design of image for
2015 Jan Participation Art & Breakfast Fair Malaga - Neilson Gallery
May Solo Exhibition, Cavecanem Gallery, ”In the fleeting point of maturation” Seville
Oct Collective exhibition ‘Don Juan Don Juan. The dead seep through the walls ’, Los
Claustros de
Santo Domingo, Jerez de la Fra. (Cádiz) by Juan Ángel González de la Calle
Individual Exhibition, “The fruit, before the fall”, Diario de Jerez, Cádiz
“Animal Capital” - Collective exhibition, Casa Encendida, Madrid
FINDE 02, Córdoba, Specific Street Art Project, ephemeral
Emakimono (Tokyo-Seul-Shanghai itinerant Emogi collective exhibition)
VI Meeting of Novos Artists - Santiago de Compostela (Galicia)
“Don Juan, Don Juan” Collective exhibition in the Cloister of Santa María, Jerez de la
Fra (Cádiz)
“UAVA Tours” - Open Study Days
Residency Days- Airgentum Roadmap, Castilblanco de los Arroyos- Seville

Residence and exhibition scholarship - KKMuseum, Fróstrup, Denmark
Individual Exhibition- Painting and Drawing, PACMA Animalist Week, La Ranilla
Cultural Center, Seville
“Object Intervened”, Collective Exhibition, La Importadora Shop & Gallery, Seville
Medallion for The Brotherhood of the Hare, The Pelican, Seville
“Everything fits together” Collective Exhibition, Zunino Gallery, Seville
"Eating Green", Individual Exhibition, Cesar Sastre Gallery, Seville