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25000 EUR
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Les Cascades IV


Single piece


Les Cascades IV

315 x 215 x 170 cm
124 x 84.65 x 66.93 in







Miguel Rodrigues 2023 PetG and Iron Painted 315 x 215 x 170 cm

1987 Coimbra, Portugal

Miguel Rodrigues is a Portuguese contemporary artist whose works employ the baroque period and its history as an object of reflection. Transcending time and space through a modern approach to such a flamboyant style, the artist creates hyper-baroque pieces with a contemporary twist. His artworks are theatrical pieces, inspired by the hyper-realities of society, the market and propaganda. In his works, Miguel uses the colour gold purposely reinforcing that by being gold plated, any object has an instant meaning of luxury and power and, just by itself alone, is an invitation to a whimsical and dreamy fantasy. Miguel has completed his degree in Sculpture at the Faculty of Fine Arts, in Lisbon in 2015 and immediately started exhibiting his works through Portugal and across Europe in Russia, Turkey and Belgium. Having had collaborated with important Heritage European sites such as the Catherine Palace (St Petersburg), the Skapi Sabanci Museum (Istanbul), the Mayer Van den Bergh Museum (Antwerp). Miguel is currently working and living in Lisbon, Portugal.

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Mariana Custodio is an online contemporary gallery and art advisory platform, with mediation points located in London, Lisbon and Istanbul. Founded in 2020, it represents international emergent and established artists, with unique views and distinguished at their practice. Focused on an interdisciplinary and multicultural approach, Mariana Custodio Art Gall...

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