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10000 EUR
4.2 5 20


Single piece Signed



100 x 100 cm
39 x 39.37 in






Acrylic and acrylic markers on canvas

In the painting "Sharks," the artist depicts power personified in the symbol of the shark, an entity that allows no escape. Written texts narrate the strength and greed of power, reinforcing the message with each brushstroke. Amidst a foreboding sky, a faintly discernible window appears, offering a glimmer of hope, a potential escape route from the clutches of domination. The strategic use of the color red infuses the artwork with a powerful and profound essence, eliciting a range of emotions in the viewer. The intensity of the red hue intertwines with dark and somber tones, evoking a sense of foreboding and danger, as if the viewer is drawn into a tumultuous abyss.

1967 , Italy

THE RADICAL INTROVERSIC ART MOVEMENT In Turin, in 2019, the international artist Maurizio D'Andrea founded a new artistic movement at the prestigious AccorsiArte gallery: the Radical Introversic Art Movement. Here, introversism narrates the supremacy of pure interiority in art, a compositional rigor that admits no exceptions. In the world of the digital Metaverse, where virtual reality risks suffocating and causing us to lose our identity, the new movement aims to propose an art that captures our psyche on the canvas through abstract, informal painting, devoid of defined lines, shapes, and objects. It is precisely this approach that allows unifying and liberating our personal and collective unconscious, an art in which the protagonists of the creative process are the artist, the artwork, and all those who engage in dialogue with it. D'Andrea himself, when speaking of visitors and viewers, refers to them as "dialogists," underlining the reciprocal, visceral relationship that must exist between the artwork, the artist, and the spectator. Exhibitions in Galleries Maurizio D'Andrea has exhibited in the most important Italian cities (Naples, Rome, Genoa, Turin, Cuneo, Padua, Milan, Venice, Parma, Florence, Monza, Treviso) through both group and solo exhibitions. His works have been admired all over the world (Bern, Zurich, Tokyo, New York, Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, London, Paris, Brussels), achieving considerable success and receiving various awards and recognitions.

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Los Angeles,

TERAVARNA (Formerly known as ART SHOW INTERNATIONAL GALLERY), an independent gallery, promotes both traditional craftsmanship and contemporary art. The gallery was founded in Los Angeles and has spread its wings worldwide. Celebrated for its impeccable recognition of ground-breaking artistic talent, the Artists of TERAVARNA have caught the eye of the World...

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