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2000 EUR
4.2 5 20






53 x 53 cm
21 x 20.87 in







acrylic on wood

1954 , Austria

Matthias Lidy was born in 1954 in Seewinkel, Austria. In 1991 he came in contact with the painter Martha Jungwirth, who taught him when was attending the International Sommerakademie in Salzburg. Lidy’s work can be described as emotional, intuitive, and explosive. His color palette is warm and reminiscent of southern climes with bright vibrant colors that remind of the artist’s frequent visits to Tenerife. Fauvist colorfullness is the dominant element in Matthias Lidy’s paintings. Colors are visualized feelings, a key element of human perception and for the artist a creative factor of elemental power. His sustainable sculptures and statues are mainly made from waste metal products. The materials were taken from our consumer society. In the last ten years he has created sculptures from bronze, copper, brass, stainless steel. The already broad and respectable range of his aesthetic conceptualization and design continued to evolve, leading us to be curious for new facets and areas of emphasis in his work. Works by the artist can be found in the Infeld Collection and the Albertina Vienna, among others – as well as in auction houses in Germany and abroad.

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Wien, Leopold-Moses-Gasse 4/2/46

Our passion for Eastern European art is what ignited our journey. We want to present artists that are true in their work. Their artworks are about our relationship with one another, with nature and examine what it means to be human. The FIVE PLUS ART GALLERY was established in 2013 in Vienna, Austria. We focus on artists from Eastern Europe, especially Roman...

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Linen with Some Abstract No.553


76.2 x 60.96 x 2 cm

1657,00 €