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3500 EUR
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Campo de Fuerza


Single piece Signed



130 x 90 x 3 cm
51 x 35.43 x 1.18 in







Creation and destruction require processes that must be harmonious, states of balance, which keep everything being created in constant harmony, through the destruction of the above.

1960 Río Negro, Argentina

I am Marite Crespo, I was born in Río Negro, Argentina. I graduated as an architect from the Universidad Nacional del Litoral. I lived several years in Canada, today my residence/workshop is in the city of Córdoba, Argentina. I like the liberating mystery of making art, getting into the complexity of saying without saying... where the visceral and sensitive is ignited. I am time, where there are no absolute truths, I am light and darkness. A world where the complexity of joy and sadness, of love and pain, stumble against each other, confronting each other, happening as past, present, future... constant, occasional and simultaneous.  This is how I paint. I paint leaving marks on all this, marks that call and seek the look, the synthesis, the new form. I use words, symbols, colors... all as songs, songs that are music but also silence. I paint about our existence and its complexity, it is my way of saying, proposing, denouncing or creating alternative realities. I look for the complicity of a spectator who is moved, who lets himself be seduced by the line, the texture, who hides in a shadow or shines with light, who vibrates, who dreams... who imagines... who lets himself be crossed by the magic of art...". My paintings have been exhibited nationally and internationally. They describe the basis of the compositions as a vital force that manifests itself in gestures, animals, people and all the power of symbols, codes and strokes, which make us reflect on our world and our time. My works are superposition of techniques and experimentation with different materials, resulting in expressive and contemporary works.

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Costa Teguise, Las Palmas,, Las Maretas, Avenida Islas Canarias, 12 C. L-18/19

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