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4.2 5 20







27 x 19 cm
11 x 7.48 in





silver bromide gelatine

edition 1/10

1955 Paris, United States

LOUIS BOURJAC born in Paris in 1955, received his early education at a Jesuit institute, where his stubborn and rebellious temperament soon emerged.

From 1975 to 1980 he travelled in Africa and in the South American French regions of Antilles and Guyane. From 1982 to 1987 he was again in Paris, where he studied photography with Henri Coste and Beni Trutmann and acquired experience through working with various agencies and magazines. To this period belongs his reportage in Colombia, which allowed him the opportunity of coming into contact with indigenous cultures and Guajiro shamans.

On his return to Paris in 1988 he began working with the great Parisian fashion house of Chanel, for whom he helped to shape important advertising campaigns, and Givenchy, for whom he realized a series of works in colour to represent the philosophy of the brand in the best possible way.

Current main clients are La Prairie, l’Oreal, Nina Ricci, Armani, Helena Rubinstein…

Parallel to this, he was attracted by everyday scenes and by urban environments, carrying out a series of shots in black and white of Paris by night, the Pigalle quarter and industrial archaeology. His attention was also caught by moments when people come together for occasions like boxing matches, or for traditional festivals like Spanish corridas and bullfights. He has mounted numerous exhibitions and retrospectives in which his attraction to the everyday alternates with his interest in fashion: “60 years of female suffrage”, “Nocturnes”, “Industrial structures and the traces of working lives”, “50 years of Givenchy perfumes”, “Ordinary passers-by” and “N&B, behind the scenes of fashion”.

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Milano, Via della Palla 3

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