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Single piece Signed Titled

From the series River



48 x 36 cm
19 x 14.17 in







Driving in the morning, waiting to turn on Woodward Avenue and seeing the glowing sun, rising from the horizon among grey anonymous buildings

2 , United States

Julian Wong is an artist and designer.  His work has been collected by the Kresge Foundation and various collectors all over the world. He exhibits frequently in the USA.  Aside from being a fine artist, Julian is also an accomplished industrial designer.  His designs can be found in collections at The Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, and Target.  Julian also illustrates children’s books. He is working on several children’s projects.

Julian was born in Boston but grew up in Hong Kong.  He studied traditional Chinese painting in Hong Kong, then continued his fine arts training at UC Santa Cruz.  Afterward, he studied industrial design at California College of Art.  Currently he lives with his wife and two sons in Detroit,  Michigan dividing his time between design and illustration.

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New York, 661 Park Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11216

Park Place Gallery derives its name from the street of its origin in Brooklyn, NYC, but it is also a nod to the original SoHo Park Place Gallery of the 1960’s. That creative mecca for then lesser known artists was formative to the careers of many New York greats including Mark di Suvero, Sol LeWitt, Eva Hesse, Brice Marden, Carl Andre, Al Held, Philip Gla...

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Lluvia (Rain)


54 x 50 x 2 cm

600,00 €

Giudizio Universale


100 x 80 cm

780,00 €