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Single piece Signed Titled



98.5 x 69 cm
39 x 27.17 in






Joan Miró was born in Barcelona in 1893; after starting his career as an accountant, he decided to devote himself to art, his great passion, beginning in 1912.

His works are the lyrical and symbolic representation of reality. Evocative transposition of the impulses of the unconscious and memory; a crowding of elementary graphic signs and deformations with bright and vivid colors immersed in a suspended and enchanted atmosphere.

In this work we find the most distinctive features of this surrealist artist, a crowding of graphic signs and deformations with vivid and brilliant colors.

As is also evident from the title, the Spanish artist dedicates this work to the city of Milan. Made on the occasion of the great exhibition dedicated to him in 1981, held precisely in Milan.

With an inscription placed on the right just below his signature, we find in large misshapen letters the name of the city of Milan, to which the artist is particularly attached.

The work is signed in the lower right hand corner and numbered in a limited edition of 75 copies in Arabic numerals and XXV in Roman numerals.

Publisher: Studio Marconi, Milan.

1893 Montroig, Spain

Joan Miró was born at Montroig (Barcelona), in 1893. After a nervous breakdown because of his job as an accountant, in contrast with his artistic vocation, in 1912 he started attending the Academy Galí in Barcelona.

At the beginning he was attracted by Impressionism and Fauvism, but when he moved to Paris in 1919, he finally found his Surrealist trends. Here he met Picasso and Dadaists but when he met Max Ernst and the Surrealists he become “the most Surrealist of the Surrealists” (Max Ernst). In 1928 he exhibited his artworks at Barnheim’s gallery becoming famous. His paintings are the lyric and symbolic representation of the reality, an evocative transposition of memory and unconscious impulses, many basic graphic signs and deformations characterized by brilliant colours lost in a dreaming and enchanted atmosphere.

Miró finally left the traditional painting for the abstraction. Les peintures sauvages (1935) are a great example of his style. After the civil war, he came back to Spain, living between Barcelona and Palma de Mallorca. During these years he painted the famous Constellations and from ‘40s he realized many mural paintings and monumental sculptures (Hotel Terrace Palace of Cincinnati -1947, Palace of UNESCO in Paris – 1958). In 1972 he found the Fundació Joan Miró in Barcelona and during his last years he received many prizes and awards. He died in 1983 in Palma de Mallorca.

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