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1900 EUR
4.2 5 20

Pleure pas poulette



80 x 100 cm
32 x 39.37 in






mixed technique, collage, drawing, photo elements and acrylic

, France

Iwona Seris is a french artist of Polish origin, she graduated from decorative arts in Paris. After having been a graphic designer and artistic director in advertising, the press, publishing and illustration, devoted herself today, mainly to photography and painting. I seek to express the chiaroscuro of light, of memories mixed with the present, of everyday life, often invisible. Generally speaking, I work with photos and drawings, depending on the idea of ​​a painting I use this existing “material” or I create new ones, until I obtain “THE” composition that I wish. The creation of the painting is a mixed technique, combining collage of photographic elements, drawing and acrylic painting itself.

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Essence & Sens Gallery is an online art gallery dedicated to the promotion and valorization of committed visual artists, video artists and contemporary designers (painters, photographers, sculptors, installation artists, performers, etc.). Through their artistic creations, the artists we exhibit describe the changes and shortcomings of the society in which ...

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