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3800 EUR
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Love Notes


Single piece Signed Titled



44 x 22 x 11 cm
17 x 8.66 x 4.33 in







Bronze & marble

1973 , Georgia

Irakli Tsuladze is a Georgian sculptor born in 1973 who lives and works in Tbilisi, Georgia. His sculptures present a peculiar unity of substance and emotions, where the expression of feelings govern the form. The intensity of this feelings smelts the metal by forcing it to convey the intention of the master. Precious, plastic and style figures of man and women figures touch and separate again, thus creating illusion of probability that the androgenic and platonic being, an ever-sought ideal, really exists. The figures succumb to the emotions, which transform into romantic, tender and poetic stories, of love where the mysteries or hushes are in no shortage. The forms of human shape melt and thaw away leaving the spectator with a feeling of an unfinished story.


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Paris, 12 rue Vivienne

Galerie Bruno Massa based in Paris was founded in January 2013 and is dedicated to exhibiting the latest works of contemporary art. The gallery is devoted to promoting emerging artists worldwide, especially in Georgia but also in China and other Asian countries. In 2018, Galerie Bruno Massa opened a branch in Seoul, Korea & in July 2019, moved its primary ga...

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Sans Titre 3


21.3 x 14.4 x 0.1 cm

400,00 €