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320 EUR
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Visiting 12


Single piece Signed Dated Titled



40 x 30 x 0.1 cm
16 x 11.81 x 0.04 in







Indian ink, carbon black, walnut husk, gouaches & blue oil on AMT paper

1968 , France

Frédérick Mazoir is a French born in 1968 sculptor who lives & works in Plélan Le Grand in Brittany, France. Graduated from Beaux-Arts in Quimper, Reims and Rennes, he is laureate of the Foundation Marcel Bleustein Blanchet pour la Vocation in 1996. In the movement of Lyrical Abstraction, his works are inspired by all natural, visible and invisible phenomenas and the incandescent matter that we call Magma, through the physical and chemical metamorphosis of iron under the action of intense heat. Frédérick Mazoir combines basic forging techniques with the element of Iron such as folding, twisting, stretching and compression to obtain sculptures reminiscent of organic shapes and certain accumulations of geological stratas.

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Paris, 12 rue Vivienne

Galerie Bruno Massa based in Paris was founded in January 2013 and is dedicated to exhibiting the latest works of contemporary art. The gallery is devoted to promoting emerging artists worldwide, especially in Georgia but also in China and other Asian countries. In 2018, Galerie Bruno Massa opened a branch in Seoul, Korea & in July 2019, moved its primary ga...

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