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Camouflage Discover the best available selection of foulard by the artist Ettore Favini. Buy from art galleries around the world with Kooness Kooness
250 EUR
4.2 5 20






90 x 90 cm
35 x 35.43 in







Edition of 36 + 1AP.

Each foulard comes with the artist's authenticity statement; the piece is unframed.

Kooness team has selected three contemporary artists to create limited edition silk pieces, a typical product of the historic Italian company Ratti.

Camouflage, also called crypsis, is a defense or tactical mechanism that organisms adopt to hide, usually by blending in with their surroundings. In most cases it is used in military or tactical environments. In this historical moment the Mediterranean is the metaphor of the real functions that mimicry should imply: to mask positions, identity and movement where borders have changed so radically in a sea that has always been open to the circulation of people, symbols and ideas.

Photo credits: ©EricTacchini 2021

, Italy

For Ettore Favini individual and collective memories are often at the center of a path that moves from autobiographical inspirations to elaborate universal themes such as time and existence. His works, which tend to be specific to the place from which they originate, are the result of a long process of growth that makes them living organisms, never concluded: open vision devices in which the work participates in life and the viewer becomes an active part of the work.


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Milan, -

Kooness team has selected three contemporary artists to create limited edition silk scarves, the typical product of the historic Italian company Ratti. A groundbreaking project that merges peculiar Contemporary Art designs with tailored-made Italian couture pieces. The three contemporary artists, Albert Pinya, Ettore Favini and Diane Dal-Pra, have been s...

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