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4800 EUR
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Damien's Funeral


Dated Titled



160 x 120 cm
63 x 47.24 in







Oil on canvas

Brussels, Belgium

Emmanuel Beyens is a figurative painter established in Brussels. Son of a Belgian ambassador and a nuclear engineer, nothing destined him for an artistic career. This vocation, however, appeared obvious from his childhood. Indeed, his first artistic experience dates back to his 12 years when he took for the first time in his life a drawing course at the French high school in Rio de Janeiro. At the end of the lesson, the teacher gave the students a homework : drawing a self-portrait. Full of enthusiasm, he applied himself as best he could; for once
homework was fun! When the homework was returned by the teacher, all the students had between 10/20 and 18/20, except Emmanuel Beyens. He had received a 0/20! "But why?" he protested. "Because a boy your age couldn't have drawn that! It must have been an adult who did your portrait!" replied the teacher. A few years later, he switched to painting when he found a box of gouache in his parents' attic. It was then that he undertook to paint his father's portrait. Seeing the result, one of his father's collaborators will exclaim: "Your son did not miss you!". Since then, Emmanuel Beyens has never let go of his brushes.
To train as a painter, he attended an academy in Brussels, then he perfected his skills in figurative art by following the courses of the Master Classes of the Vlamish Classical Atelier in Bruges and the Academy of Art in Florence. Since 2006, Emmanuel Beyens has exhibited in Brussels, Paris and Barcelona In 2011, he won the 1st Painting Prize at the Salon International du Portrait with his painting "The Maharaja".

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Barcelona, Consell de Cent, 277

The gallery Art Nou 277 disposes a unique exhibition space in the heart of Barcelona. Just in the recent years we decided to change the look of the space so the brick-lined wall has got uncovered. Leaving the original walls of the building visible gives the space a different look compared with the other galleryspaces of the city. But this is not what makes...

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41 x 51 cm


Partly Cloudy 39°


40.6 x 40.6 cm

1700,00 €