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Single piece Signed Dated Titled



93.98 x 48.26 x 16.51 cm
37 x 19.00 x 6.50 in






Dominic’s sculptures are made of natural rock found in his homeland, Zimbabwe. One of the rocks he sculpts from is known locally as “springstone”, which is, in fact, an extremely hard serpentine of almost the consistency of granite.

, United States

ABOUT DOMINIC BENHURA Dominic Benhura is an internationally renowned sculptor from Zimbabwe who is celebrated by gallerists and clients alike for his themes focusing on the importance of family and the natural environment and the relationship between them. His work broadly complements outdoor landscapes, be it botanical or private gardens, parks or cityscapes. A glance at a list of Dominic’s exhibitions and art sales attests to his global success and popularity. His shows in botanical/ garden settings in Europe, Africa, Asia and North America are particulary popular. In addition, he is usually available to attend his exhibitions and is often happy to run workshops concurrently, teaching others some of his sculpting techniques. Dominic’s artworks celebrate common themes that unify people of all cultural backgrounds across the world. His sculptures connect directly with their audience, fostering a sense of joy and wonder. Dominic has the exceptional ability to create large monumental works, sometimes sculpted from one 20 ft high solid rock. His art often incorporates unique materials into the stone, such as painted canvas, glass and metal which adds more texture and dimension. By exaggerating his subject’s realistic scale as well as sculpting from such an uncompromising medium as stone, Dominic highlights the themes closest to his heart: the importance of family and the beauty of our natural environment.

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116.84 x 50.8 x 10.16cm

8339,00 €

Beak 2 Beak

96.52 x 25.4 x 15.24cm

7121,00 €


38.1 x 45.72 x 12.7cm

6184,00 €


55.88 x 71.12 x 10.16cm

9837,00 €


58.42 x 53.34 x 13.97cm

7402,00 €


Carmel, IN, 404 W Main St.

Kuaba Gallery is a premier contemporary art gallery featuring a diverse collection of paintings, sculptures and ceramics. We offer distinctive, authentic, and original contemporary African art and Art of the Diaspora. For over two decades the gallery has worked with established artists to decorate homes of many customers across the world. We look forward to ...

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