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Horizon Lac Nr 5


Signed Framed

From the series Horizon Lac



50 x 100 x 5 cm
20 x 39.37 x 1.97 in







100x50 cm Photography on Hanemuhle Fine Art Baryta part of a limited series of 6, signed and numbered. Mounted on aluminum with hanging frame on the back. 

1960 Geneva, Switzerland

Didier Jordan is born 1960, he lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland. Didier discovered photography at the age of 17 during a trip to Portugal. At the age of 20, he began an apprenticeship as a photographer, which led him to a collaboration with the Photographic Documentation Fund of the City of Geneva. He then produced several works, both personal and documentary, with the city itself and its inhabitants as subject. He later developed his activity as a professional photographer in the fields of architecture, corporate and event photography.  From the year 2000 on his art tended more and more towards depicting nature. He likes to treat nature, or more so the landscape, as a raw surface. Whether inside a city, on an archaeological site, in front of cars, or facing a lake, Didier Jordan cuts space into squares or rectangles to create singular, autonomous universes which almost seem self-sufficient. "I have often thought that a photograph is rich in what it does not show, in the ability of what is off-screen to mobilize the viewer's imagination. If in a photograph lies a question, an absence, a tension between emptiness and fullness, the possibility of a dialogue then develops between the photographer and the viewer. A pontoon, a body of water, a sky: a few elements to express the beauty of a place and simplifying it to make the image even more readable and graphic, sometimes going as far as nearing full abstraction. The absence of characters, swimmers, or boats, creates a space where the void dominates and where nothing other than what we would like to imagine happens. Between what is shown and what is not, a horizon of possibilities opens."   

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