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Labyrinth - Dove tutto è possibile (Autoritratto) Discover the best available selection of sculpture by the artist conTESSA. Buy from art galleries around the world with Kooness! Kooness
3000 EUR
4.2 5 20

Labyrinth - Dove tutto è possibile (Autoritratto)


Single piece



59 x 60 x 7.5 cm
23 x 23.62 x 2.95 in







Oil on canvas included in recycled and heat cut PMMA (C5H8O2) 

tribute to the artist Maurits Cornelis Escher
Inspired by Jim Henson's 1986 film starring David Bowie.
"...When Sarah returns to her room, Gogol, Bubo, and Sir Didymus appear to her as images in the mirror. The three say goodbye to her, for it seems that Sarah is leaving behind the fantasies of childhood, and Sarah replies that even when she becomes an adult, she will always need them and that she does not intend to lose them. The other creatures of Labyrinth then appear in the room and celebrate with Sarah her refusal to abandon her imagination and dreams by having a big party in her room, while Jareth, outside the window, watches the scene and defeated flies away."

2005 Padova, Italy

conTESSA made its appearance in 2019, in Padua, the city where (perhaps) it was born and where (perhaps) it lives and where everything that surrounds it breathes art and silence. What is conTESSA? conTESSA is the art that is proposed to viewers, it has perhaps a traceable past, is a continuum with the present, is faceless but not soulless. The art of conTESSA is caring and sensitive, aware of its own beauty, it appears restless and elegant, is ambitious and overbearing (conTESSA or art?) and therefore in constant turmoil and investigation. It is an undefined essential, having few biographical notes. In a contemporary world where the obsession with appearances persists, to have followers, and followers who fill the pages and message boards of some new social network, conTESSA disappears to appear. Regardless of the look dictated by one's beauty or age, games that are played to show oneself, it (conTESSA) is ethereal and inconsistent. The name with which the artist introduces herself is feminine and as a female is the mother of life, giving way to the material produced rather than to its image, it is created, developed and shows itself as an infinite, finished product. conTESSA is an artist of the new generation, their modus operandi is done as a formulation of images which are constantly present. It doesn't matter who you are, it matters instead what you stage and what you create. The person who made them is not identifiable: is he a man? A woman? Are they gender fluid? Creation has no age, sex, or creed, this is the only thing with full certainty. conTESSA is young and prefers to remain anonymous so as not to appear obvious and immediately swallowed up in a world of marketing and visibility. They have the environmental awareness that pervades new generations which are stronger than past ones. The Earth is a planet that suffers from the causes of man-made problems that have added to increasingly disastrous actions, the need for a profound change of mentality towards social and environmental sustainability, albeit with higher economic costs, requires a participatory dialogue also in culture, ideas and the approach to the world. Generation Z is determined, technologically more informed and advanced, decidedly multi-cultural and open to considering a global perspective, it is the generation in which conTESSA was born.

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Padova, Via Dondi dall'Orologio

The nucleus of the Vecchiato Art Gallery was founded in Padova, in 1986, by Dante Vecchiato. Among the artists exhibited at the inauguration, were some of the greatest exponents of 20th century Italian art: Mario Sironi, Massimo Campigli, Afro, Alberto Burri, Emilio Vedova and Lucio Fontana to whom a solo exhibition was dedicated in 1987. Dante Vecchiato...

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