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From the series Oil Pastelle Berlin Spreeinsel



42 x 30 cm
17 x 11.81 in







Not in the studio as abstract compositions, but outside in nature these impressive works are created. With preference she goes for it in the Havelland at the gates of Berlin. Gently, the drawing pad in front of her, she lays color lines on top of each other and develops in the course of the painting process an abstract counterpart to the mood of the landscape. The larger formats (42 x 30 cm) are pure painting.
Christiane Conrad draws with oil pastels. In contrast to the conventional, chalky pastels, these have a much higher luminosity and a high-quality pigment, which makes the artist’s drawings look like oil paintings at first glance.

1949 Gießen, Germany

What distinguishes Christiane Conrad is the almost analytical valence of color, which she does not base solely on theory, but perceives in the outside world. Whether she has nature before her eyes, a painted representation of it, or unconsciously takes in the surroundings: she extracts the color tonality and transfers it, reduced to a few hues, onto canvas or paper.
Christiane Conrad creates an abstract image, but it can be considered the quintessence of a real perception. She creates a color magic that makes looking an experience.


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Stuttgart, Charlottenstr. 14 - 5. OG

Concrete, conceptual, constructive – stand for the art directions that have been represented by Galerie Klaus Braun, Stuttgart, for many years. Thereby the transitions are fluent. The common denominator of these different tendencies is the claim of the artists that they do not want their work to be more than what art is by nature, namely a well-balanced in...

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32 x 26 cm


Composition (1980-1983)


120 x 81 x 16 cm

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