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KSZ 50/35-107


Single piece


50 x 35 cm
20 x 13.78 in







Ballpoint pen and oil pastel on paper

1979 Wickede, Germany

Born 1979 in Wickede / Ruhr (Westphalia), Germany
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

When Caroline Kryzecki started to work with lines during a residency in Istanbul five years ago it was a reflection of what she observed. An abstract reference to the city’s architecture and everyday objects, its rich ornamental decorations, patterns and textiles. The result was a series of works on paper that enforce the decomposition of geometrical forms and shapes – as the artist still used them in her early lacquer works on wood – in favour of compositions that are occupied by lines, which run parallel, overlap and form new shapes and ornamental structures. To date, Kryzecki still works with ballpoint pen on paper, yet her compositions meanwhile build on a complex grid formation that relies on a detailed documentation system. Each direction of lines, each sequence of colour is drawn up with great care.

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London, 11 Church Street

Patrick Heide Contemporary Art was founded in September 2007 springing from a project space in London’s young and bustling art scene. The gallery fosters an international range of emerging and mid-career artists that feature in eight exhibitions per year while participating in numerous art fairs worldwide. The core program of the gallery is dedicated to ...

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Damien's Funeral


160 x 120 cm

4800,00 €