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El molino


Single piece



50 x 50 cm
20 x 19.69 in







'El Molino', by Begoña Lafuente, paintings

Framed in white lacquered wood 6 cm wide.

When the artist arrived in the Netherlands, at first she found everything very flat in general. The landscape is flat, the light is so flat and white that there are almost no shadows, you don't know if it's 10 am or 6 pm in spring, everything seems to levitate ... it also makes those red, and violet against the green and yellow that call out to you. There is no choice but to start painting. 

1969 España, Spain

Begoña Lafuente, (Spain, 1969) is a pictorial, graphic and multimedia artist; currently, she develops her main creations from her studio by the North Sea, in Holland. Her career has its roots in graphic design developed in Madrid in the early 90's, at a key moment for this discipline, when it reached the rank of artistic expression inside and outside the field of corporate image in Spain. Begoña intertwines her classical and artistic learning as a graduate in Fine Arts with the latest trends in representation in a constant work of research, and expands her experience as a graphic designer, art director and illustrator in different corporate identity and advertising companies. In 2009 she moved to Holland. Here Lafuente interacts with local and international artists from different fields and integrates in her works a new reality that she fuses in her paintings with cuttings from the Spanish school. He plays with different techniques such as painting, collage, drawing, photography, scans and monograms. She studies the human being as a symbol of expression of the self; and creates an emotional and visual tension through the use of thematic contrasts, color, biological versus geometric forms, all representations of an ever-changing nature. Her portfolio also incorporates recognizable forms from the great masters of art history from a contemporary point of view. She often participates in local and international art fairs and exhibitions and her work is in private collections throughout Europe and the United States of America. ARTIST STATEMENT I am an explorer of the essence of ART, I marvel at why there are timeless pieces and why others fall into oblivion. Art should be a timeless conversation where all is not told, but suggested. It is the untold meanings that enrich, mystify and awaken the viewer's interest and make a piece unforgettable. I try to find value in this implicit connection with YOU, the viewer, through each work of art. In my portraits, I often have your eyes follow you as you question what you are really contemplating. The vividness of my art is often reflected in the relationship between the subject and the title. I induce you to look further with references to artistic cultural movements. I really enjoy the process of creation, taking my time to refine colors and shapes: movement and contrasts push each other to create an emotional and visual tension.

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Costa Teguise, Las Palmas,, Las Maretas, Avenida Islas Canarias, 12 C. L-18/19

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