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Golden Mountains





40 x 50 cm
16 x 19.69 in







Pastel, gold leaf on paper

1991 , United States

A Parisian artist specializing in the art of pastel, Atelier Cléophée constructs her works as visions that she imagines to be preparatory to stained glass windows for churches or to fabrics for high fashion and interior decoration. Her work is at the crossroads of abstraction and figuration.
Through the use of this pigment powder that barely fits on the paper and yet better than any other pictorial substance allows the revelation of the most subtle nuances of tone, Atelier Cléophée sets up universes of forms and colors that take their source in the primordial energy of the material. References to the four elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire) are at the heart of her chromatic and graphic research (see her works "Acqua", "Fuoco", "Golden Mountains"). Her keyboard of pastels allows her to compose her motifs, her spaces, her architectures of pure colors, her games of superimposition, as many attempts of luminous captures.                    

Atelier Cléophée brings together in her work as many iconographies and snapshots collected during her travels - Italy occupying a central place - and her studies in art history, which led her from the Villa Medici in Rome to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York via the Centre Pompidou and high jewelry houses. The thousands of works of art and creations she has discovered over the years constitute an internalized image that forms a collection from which she likes to draw.

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