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M12 - Sans titre





101 x 101 cm
40 x 39.76 in







oil on canvas

1931 Napoli, Italy

He was born in Naples in 1931 but his family moved to Paris in 1932 where he spent his childhood and adolescence.
After a period in Italy in Pienza, he returned to Paris where, as a self-taught artist, he devoted himself to painting from an early age, embarking on the path of figurative painting that accompanied him for the first part of his career. Until the 1970s, he tackled classic painting themes such as landscapes and still lifes, using the oil technique.
From 1953 to 1963, he participated in all editions of the Salon de la jeune peinture in Paris. His passion for different ethnic groups led him on a series of trips to Egypt, India, Nepal and Mexico, where he was deeply fascinated by the symbolism of ancient civilisations that would influence his work, gradually leading him to abandon figurative painting in favour of the abstract.
His solo exhibitions were organised in galleries in Paris, Toulouse, Lyon, Nevers, Lausanne, Geneva and Berlin. His frequentation of the great Parisian painting salons is important and continuous. From 1978 to 1994 he participated in all editions of the 'Salon d'Automne'. In 1985, he visited New York for the first time and was so fascinated by it that he returned in 1990.
On his return to Paris, he took part in the 'Salon des grandes et jeunes d'aujourd'hui', meeting with great success, above all due to the peculiarity of his works characterised by thick layers of paint film that denote the artist's long working process on the canvas before reaching the final result.

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