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800 EUR
4.2 5 20




Single piece Signed Dated Titled



40 x 60 x 2 cm
16 x 23.62 x 0.79 in







Acrylic on canvas.

1991 Bolshiye Uki, Russian Federation

Anton Kupriyanov was born in 1991 in the village of Bolshiye Uki, in the Omsk Region,  Siberia.  Moving to the city of Tara, he began at a very young age, to attend a children's art school.  Later, he entered the Omsk Pedagogical University, "Design Department ". After graduation he started to work at the Tara Drama Theatre, as an artist-decorator. To describe his works, Anton Kupriyanov uses the concepts of "gloomy impressionism", "naive realism" and "cloudy romanticism". The artist depicts urban landscapes and countryside landscapes, which have a special romance. The bright colors of the works seem to challenge the daily routine, while not aiming to idealize the atmosphere. In addition to the landscape, Kupriyanov creates plot compositions: meeting friends in a new place, a sunset reflected on dark walls, or a look at the evening city.  Since 2016, the artist is a member of the Sugrob creative association. Anton paint stories from his everyday life. Evening streets, road landscapes and the recurring theme of a constant urban development.  Reminiscent of Edward Hooper and David Hockney, but with his own stunning way of handling light, Anton is increasingly recognized in the art world.  

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