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A cordial reception


Single piece Signed Titled Framed


A cordial reception

115 x 360 x 7 cm
45 x 141.73 x 2.76 in







Alia Al Farsi (b. 1972, Muttrah) "A cordial reception" (2018)

115 x 360 x 7 cm.


This piece displays four different scenes of human interactions such as the chatters of friends and whispers of lovers. This painting celebrates an ancient tradition where Omani villagers used to gather and learn about current news and people’s welfare. In this painting, we can see a woman who chose to sit in the corner with her bird to stay away from the loud discussions.

1972 Muscat, Oman

Born in the culturally rich town of Muttrah, Alia was imbued to become an avid explorer and culturist to an affinity for historic towns. She says that she is a non-believer in self-imposition of stylistic boundaries, she takes her inspiration from patterns and vernacular architecture.

Selling in renowned auctions such as Christie’s, Al Fanar, and Arabian Wings, her art is celebrated and appreciated in many parts of the world as her art collectors come from different parts of the world.

She held major solo exhibitions in cities like Paris, Tokyo, and Geneva. She was chosen to be the first Omani artist to exhibit officially at Venice Biennale 2017 and won the prestigious Dr Saud Al Sabah Creativity Award in 2010.

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Alia Gallery is the biggest art gallery in Oman and one of the world's largest personal art galleries. The gallery's display hall extends over 860 m2 and is home to more than 120 paintings by renowned Omani artist Alia Al Farsi....

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