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untitled 2


Single piece Dated



165 x 140 cm
65 x 55.12 in







1980 , Italy

Alessandro Borgonovo was born in 1980.

After leaving law school, he worked as an assistant in a contemporary art gallery in Milan. Here the daily confrontation with the artists pushes him to realize the first works with different techniques, from collage to painting, up to the digital reworking of images.

Leaving the gallery to become a full-time artist, he mainly focuses on the production of abstract digital works, created through different software and subsequently printed in Fine-Art.

At that time he took part in some collective exhibitions related to the use of new media.

In 2015, he felt the need to take alternative routes. The reference to painting becomes stronger and stronger.

Compared to the previous work, full of colors, weaves and references to the world of digital graphics, the artist wants to limit as much as possible the aspect of sign perfection and cleanliness that the computer allows to obtain.

Start painting on unprepared canvas, with very diluted enamels and sprays. In this way, the color, completely absorbed by the surface, gradually returns dull tones without material thickness.

Borgonovo feels the need to deal with a more immediate means, which allows him to fail and to be able to start over, without the shortcut of using a "key" that cancels the actions just performed (function that the computer offers).

Ultimately, it adopts an approach to work that is more adherent to the emotional and instinctive sphere of the creation of the work.

The artist is not looking for a consoling or nostalgic trait of painting, rather he uses a tool to be more direct, quick and essential.

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BIANCHIZARDIN CONTEMPORARY ART, within its exhibition space in via Maroncelli 14 in Milan, deals with carrying out research studies in the field of contemporary art which, through collaborations with artists, curators and collectors, lead to different activities including: exhibition projects for the production of exhibitions, fairs and publications; trainin...

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untitled 1


175 x 145 cm

6400,00 €

untitled 3


175 x 145 cm

6400,00 €