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600 EUR

Cattail in Sun




40.64 x 50.8 cm
16.00 x 20 in






colour photo

, United States

Artist Statement:
The roots of my art, like those of a great oak, reach deep into the rich black earth of the Manitoba prairie where I grew up. The images of my youth flow through my mind like a river – sometimes rushing headlong with ice and debris to its ultimate destination, at other times quietly meandering along on hot summer days. Through the passing years I have had the opportunity to continue my wanderings and explorations, experiencing the land, waters and sky in all their splendor.

My photography is the expression of my wanderings. As you experience the images, allow your mind to wander a little. Listen for the sounds that the images suggest – the long drawn out whistle of an approaching train, the gurgling of water as it rushes over rocks, crows signaling the coming of spring or the call of the Whip-Poor-Will at dusk. Smell autumn on the air, oil on the tracks or the first drops of rain stirring up the dust on a hot summer day. Feel the rain on your face, the cool breeze of evening or the crisp frosty air after the first snow. 

Some of my most recent work involves sandwiching 2 or more images together to create unique images that combine various elements from our environment. The new perspectives are an expression of images overlapping, merging or colliding with each other. The images challenge us to look at our world from a new perspective.

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Vancouver, 1536 Venables St

Art Works is a multi-faceted art gallery based in Vancouver, Canada. Passionate about assisting art lovers as well as servicing the corporate, interior design, architecture, and film industries, Art Works specializes in Canadian Art and represents some of British Columbia’s most dynamic artists, in addition to artists from across North America....

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