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900 EUR
4.2 5 20





29 x 41 cm
11 x 16.14 in







Reverse stencil on lined wood panel

1991 , Italy

Ache is his nickname, 77 is the number that has been chasing him all his life. Ache77, born in 1991, is an urban artist based in Florence, originally from Romania. He has always been experimenting, provoking, listening and looking for dialogue with the outside world. His normographic masks, almost rituals, are forged with the stencil technique and re-signified in the use of color and color variations, in the choice of surface, and in the mood that the image transposes. The engraving thus becomes a mantra, a meditative practice in motion, the beginning of an intimate journey that, from the studio, reaches the street. Ache77 works with non-verbal communication in order to attract, lose, penetrate the gaze of the viewer, making him the interpreter and regenerator of the image itself. Work and observer are two different numerical objects but identical in the result, just as the artist tells with the arithmetic formula 1+1=1, the symbol of one of his most famous works and intimate interpretation of human relationships.

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Street Levels Gallery is an international urban art gallery, the first place of its kind in Florence. Born from the encounter between artists and cultural producers, the gallery aims to be an articulated environment capable of investigating the various levels of interaction of art - between street, public and exhibition space - interacting with the urban f...

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