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Vlasta Gary

United States

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New York, NY, United States

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Works by Vlasta Gary

To the sky


127 x 102cm


Vlasta Gary started her career as a visual artist with a stage name taken after her favorite Roman Gary. The name is not only an homage to the French author but also an allusion on the image of fire: it’s made up from the Russian word “гореть” that literally means “to be on fire”. She combines the classical visual language of photography with a strong contemporary aesthetic. The artist has become known for her daring and sensual portraits, always illuminating a rare kind of beauty. Trained in prestigious University of the Arts London Vlasta developed her own aesthetic putting a modern twist on the classic art of photography.

Vlasta Gary's photography draws equally from contemporary aesthetics and more classic traditions; her work evokes the present and past at once, and at times neither, timeless. Color, form, movement and geometry wrought in the sculpture like visual language of classical beauty manifest a rare form of beauty in Gary's photography. Classically trained at the University of the Arts in London, Vlasta has worked extensively in fashion industry combining scholastic learning with adaptive experience, classic art with a touch of the modern.


University of The Arts London
BA Fashion Photography



ARMORY 2018 // The Stricoff Gallery // Artbox Project New York 1.0
SUMMER SHOW 2018 // La Galleria Pall Mall // London UK