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Rome, Italy

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Works by Tommaso Cascella

Tommaso Cascella was born in 1951 in Rome. Painting and sculpture are natural languages to him, because of the heritage accumulated from his family during several generations.

His painting tends to a tridimensional transposition, to a symbiosis with his sculpture in bronze. The artist’s intensive chromatic compositions are a real and proper architecture, constellated with symbols, almost like an alchemical alphabet. Painting and sculpture were intended for a contamination of sight with sense. The titles of his works, usually brought from poems and literature, show his great passions for books. Cascella’s first personal exhibition was held in the Gallery of Luigi De Ambrogi in Milan in 1985. From then on the artist has held numerous solo exhibitions and has participated in many collective exhibitions.

From 1997 to 2011 he was the protagonist of several retrospective exhibitions: in Ischia, at the Palazzo dei Priori in Certaldo, at Palazzo Orsini in Bomarzo, at the Archaeological Museum of Amelia and at the Council of State in Rome. In the same years, important solo exhibitions abroad were held in Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia, Japan and China. In particular, we remember the exhibition set up at the Danubiana Meulensteen Art Museum in Bratislava together with Esposito and Fettolini in 2001, and the exhibition The very close to the Da Chu Art Space Museum in Wu Han City in China with his children Matteo and Davide and the artist Ma Lin.

In April 2006 a public exhibition was dedicated to him in the Cloister of Sant'Agostino in Pietrasanta entitled The Language of the Iris, and the following month he inaugurated with his staff the new Spirale Arte gallery in Monza. In 2007 he took part in numerous group exhibitions in Rome, Todi, Bolzano, Pescara and set up three personal exhibitions: at the Eventinove gallery in Turin, at the Foundation for Contemporary Ceramics by the author of Deruta, at the Archaeological Museum of Terni.

In 2008 he presented a new series of three-dimensional works on paper at the Marco Rossi - Spirale Arte gallery in Milan, entitled Pop Up. In 2010 he was present at the Tricromia Art Gallery in Rome and in the same year he exhibited a personal exhibition entitled Love by name, at the Marcorossi Contemporary Art Gallery in Pietrasanta. In 2011 he participates in the Venice Biennale with the sculpture Cielo inverted while in November 2012 he exhibits at Palazzo Aldobrandini in Rome for the project "Art in order" and in the same month he is present at the Walter Bischoff Galerie in Berlin and Florence, at the imaginary gallery, with the exhibition Calendar.

In 2012 he presented the exhibition Between memory and invention, at the University of Roma Tre; in the same year we remember: meeting with the teacher Tommaso Cascella, Council of State, Rome. Among the latest solo exhibitions we mention: Herbarium in 2013 at Palazzo Sforza Cesarini, Genzano di Roma; Fiori d’Autore, in 2014, at the Galleria Miralli in Viterbo, in the same year the Tommaso Cascella exhibition was staged at the Municipal Gallery of Marina di Ravenna. In 2015 the exhibition The word drawn, at the Bibliothè Art Gallery in Rome, with a solid intervention by Venera Maglia.

Art Prints Summer Show, Galleria Edarcom Europa, Roma
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L'Unità dell'Arte Italiana nella Diversità delle Regioni - Regioni e Testimonianze d'Italia, Complesso Monumentale del Vittoriano, Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy



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