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Regine Schumann

Goslar, Germany

8 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Cologne, Germany.

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Works by Regine Schumann

Regine Schumann studied art from 1982 to 1989 at the Hochschule für Bildende Künste Braunschweig. In 1989, she became a Masters student of Roland Dörfler. From 1986 to 1994 she was a member of the artist group Freiraum, consisting in Frank Fuhrmann, Dieter Hinz, and herself. In addition to numerous scholarships (including a DAAD-scholarship for Italy in 1990 and a grant from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia for Japan in 2000) and commissions for public artworks, she received the Leo Breuer Prize in 2006. In her practice, Regine Schumann focuses on the effects of light caused by fluorescent materials.

Some of the materials she uses are colored polylight-cords and different colored acrylic panels, which she assembles into complex color spaces in accordance to Goethe’s theory of colors. The artist also uses blacklight to complement other colors. The emphasis of her room-specific installations is the extension of the existing architecture into a dimension of vibration and – as she calls it – the configuration of a room temperature: “The inclusion of sculptural principles as hanging, laying, arranging, conjointing, jacketing is characteristic of the work of Regine Schumann and leads towards a thinking in colors and color spaces in a spatially experiential plasticity.”

Regine Schumann describes her method of operation thusly: “It’s the material of the colored and fluorescent acrylic glass that takes an important role in my work. The material used illuminates when light energy is supplied to it, whether in the form of natural daylight or artificial light. Differently colored plates depending on the location lead towards a candling, laying, blending, and selection of the light itself.” Regine Schumann lives and works in Cologne, Germany.

Solo Exhibitions

Munich, Galerie Renate Bender, wie weiss ist wissen die weisen...
Bonn, Galerie Judith Andreae, feel color
Bonn, Bundeskunsthalle, Goethe - Verwandlung der Welt

Lissone, Museo d'Arte Contemporanea, Premio Lissone 2018 
Ladenburg, galerie linde hollinger, LEUCHT_KRAFT 
Milan, Dep Art Gallery, Colormirror
Tokyo, Taguchi Fine Art, Regine Schumann, “HIKARI!”
München, Galerie Renate Bender, High Frequencies (mit Jus Juchtmans)

Düsseldorf​, Galerie Bernd A. Lausberg, ​Reflection, mirror on the wall
Knokke, Axel Pairon Gallery, Glow!

Bonn, Gallery Judith Andreae Who’s afraid of mirrors
Madrid, Galería de arte Rafael Pérez Hernando, Who’s afraid of glow
Houston, Gallery Sonja Roesch, Color rainbows

Friedberg, Gallery &Edition Hoffmann, Licht und Bewegung
Paris, Gallery Nery Marino, Clair couleur
New York, De Buck Gallery, Look into it

Cologne, Galerie Floss & Schultz, shining_im Schatten der Farben
Otterndorf, Museum für gegenstandsfreie Kunst, Moving picture
Berlin, Dr. julius, Untouchable
Munich, Galerie Renate Bender, Look into it
Bonn, Gallery Judith Andreae, Flashlight

Düsseldorf, Gallery Bernd Lausberg, No sin ti

Coesfeld, Kunstverein Münsterland e.V., Connect. back to back
Munich, Gallery Renat Bender, Im fluss – in flux ( with Alberto Frei)
New York, DeBuck Gallery, Luminous

2011 – 2012
Heidenheim, Kunstmuseum HeidenheimJump

Madrid, Galeria de arte Rafael Pérez Hernando, Touch me ( whit Alberto Frei)
Bielefeld, Samuelis Baumgarte Galerie, Connect, back to back
Miami, Galerie Bernd A. Lausberg, Lollipop
Houston, Gallery Sonja Roesch, Chameleon
Art Santa Fe, Dreamteam installation ( with Alberto Frei)

FADA Los Angeles, Galerie Lausberg, Regine Schumann. Dreamteam
Art Miami, Galerie Bernd A. Lausberg and Galerie Renate Bender, Black box glowing
Düsseldorf, Galerie Lausberg, Step by Step
Waldenbuch, Museum Ritter, Black Box

Hörstel, Kunsthaus Gravenhorst, Leuchtstücke
Munich, Galerie Renate Bender, Chameleon
Goes, Galerie van den Berge, Kameleon
Braunschweig, Allgemeiner Konsumverein, Leuchtstücke

Maratea, MARartEA glow worms
Freiburg, Galerie Baumgarten, Mitten ins herz 
Toronto, Lausberg contemporary, And then there was light
Guernsey, Markthalle, St. Peter Port, Glow worms installation

WiesbadenNassauische Sparkasse (Naspa), Leuchttunnel
Freiburg, Galerie Albert Baumgarten
Landesmuseum Karlsruhe, Schloss Neuenbürg, Badisches, In Riesen Schritten

Kunstmuseum Celle, (with Christian Herdeg)
Kunstinitiative Radevormwald, Das Leuchten, installation
Bonn, Gesellschaft für Kunst und Gestaltung, Day and Night
Sylt, Galerie Scheel, Summerbreeze Landart Projekt
Bergisch Gladbach and Städtisches, Städtische Galerie Villa Zanders, Candela
Brussels, Ravenstein Gallery
Vlissingen, Kunstruimte, de willem3 zaal 1

Eindhoven, Centrum Kunstlicht in de Kunst, Night owls
Sylt, Galerie Scheel
Freiburg, Galerie Albert Baumgarten
Aalst, Galerie In Situ

Gent, S.M.A.K.
Kunstverein Gelsenkirchen
Düren, Leopold-Hoesch Museum
Aalst, Galerie In Situ (with Mo Becha)
AalstCulture Center De Werf, Lollipop

Sylt, Galerie scheel
Friedberg, galerie & hoffmann, Stilwerk düsseldorf

Stadtmuseum Oldenburg
Cologne, Japanisches Kulturinstitut

Okinawa, Naha, Galerie Okinawa
Tokyo, Galerie CHIKA
Frankfurt, Marielies Hess-Stiftung e.V. im Hessischen Rundfunk
Cologne, artothek - Raum für junge Kunst, 

Sint-Niklaas, De Vierkante Zaal

Cologne, Galerie Ulrich Müller

Aalst, Galerie In Situ

Cologne, Galerie Ulrich Müller

1991 – 1992
Münster, Galerie Lüdke