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Paulo Lisboa

Lisbon, Portugal

9 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Currently attending the Master of Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon. In 2006 he finished his Degree in Fine Arts / Painting at the Superior School of Technologies of the Polytechnic Institute of Tomar.

Among the exhibitions held, the following stand out: "Beyond zero and one" collective exhibition at Mute Galeria, Lisbon 2018; "Section" individual exhibition integrated in the "Greenhouse" cycle with Luísa Jacinto, Isabel Simões, Diogo Bolota and Vitor Reis, at the Medeiros e Almeida House Museum, Lisbon 2016; "Plasma" individual exhibition at Galeria Graça Brandão, Lisbon 2016; "In Absentia" collective exhibition with Ian Kiaer and Nuno Sousa Vieira, in Galeria Graça Brandão, Lisbon 2015/16 (curated by Marta Jecu); "Phosphora", individual exhibition at Galeria Graça Brandão 2015; "In the vicinity of the drawing" (collective) Galeria Carlos Carvalho-Arte Contemporânea, Lisbon 2014; "Red Queen" (curated by Marko Stamenkovic) Ghent, Belgium 2013; "Fronteira Aberta" (with Renato Ferrão and Vasco Barata) at the Center of Art and Image, IPT Gallery, Tomar 2011; "Straight ahead and then turn" (collective) at Espaço Avenida 211, Lisboa 2011; "The movement of things / Things in movement" (collective) in the Museum of moving image (M.I.M.O.), Leiria 2011; "Plateau" (individual), Baby Room, Lisbon2010; "The Vitrinário da Boavista" (with Agostinho Gonçalves, Daniel Barroca and Vasco Barata), Rua da Boavista, Lisbon 2009; "Dromópolis" (with Catarina Patrício), Site-specific in the underground parking lot of Largo de Camões, Lisbon 2008.
In collaboration with André Catalão, Eduardo Petersen, Agostinho Gonçalves and Ezequias Ayash Pardal: "OTIA TVTA" at Quintela Palace, Rua do Alecrim, Lisbon 2009; "Hotchpotch" at LxFactory, Lisbon 2010; "VLTRA TRAJECTVM", Expodium, Utrecht, The Netherlands 2011.