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Portrait n.3


50 x 50cm




Laila Mubarak (b. 1979, NL) studied photography at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Before that she obtained a Master of Science degree in Gestalt Therapy at the Dutch Foundation Gestalt in Amsterdam. Mubarak captures inner processes. Often her subject is the young woman or young man and the life events they live through. The body language and the little differences in the face and hands that unveils a state of 'being', fascinate her. “How much can we still perceive? Do we see more than our own projections?” These are questions she wishes to ask by means of analogue photography series. With a camera and knowledge of Gestalt therapy Mubarak gets through to the person that sits in front of her. Mubarak is New Dutch Photography Talent (2020), announced by Gup Magazine, and was recipient of the NRC jury prize Portrait with 'Belle' (2016). The work of Mubarak has been exhibited during Art The Hague (2019), at Fotomuseum Den Haag (2019), the Amsterdam Public Library (2018) and Rightaboutnow Inc., Amsterdam (2016) among others.