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Jürgen Krause

Tettnang, Germany

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Works by Jürgen Krause




46.5 x 31.5 x 4.1cm


The entire work of Jürgen Krause (1971 Tettnang, studied at the KH Mainz and the Städelschule Frankfurt) is based on repetition. A development of form is not striven for. The repetitive gestures are like mantras, ritualistic in character. They are indentations in time and space of one's own physical mental body. Breathing in and out are osmotic forces embodied in the work.

The work of Jürgen Krause consists of an emptying of meaning: emptied extension, emptied layers of time. In the process of emptying of meaning, a state, a kind of cumulative enrichment, or psychologically formulated, a mental equilibrium emerges. No entropy or heat death! No solidification in the repetitive structure, but a perceptible vibration of revitalizing energies in every moment of doing.

Priming, sanding, cutting, drawing lines - the work of Jürgen Krause seems to circle in a repetition before the beginning of the work, to tread water in preparation, but the artist sees himself arriving with every step. He is practicing to begin. His work is not oriented to a completed, attainable goal, but is daily disciplined practice in order to merge into the action, to merge with the flowing time, to gain clarity. The steady doing secures from the confusion of the world.