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The Crow III


122 x 62 x 5cm

1978,51 €

The Crow IV


180 x 160 x 3cm

2660,75 €



120 x 60 x 4cm

3138,33 €

Hug Yin Wan is a Malaysian artist. Growing up in a Buddhist family inspired Hug Yin to believe in the concept of impermanence in life, which is reflective in his artwork. Hug Yin graduated with a Diploma in Fine Art, Dasein Academy of Art, Malaysia in 2015. When speaking of his work and inspirations Hug Yin States "Life is just like a line, it is made of the joined points from a starting point to an ending point. The repetition of lines creates an illusion of motion space, like the feel of impermanence, continuously running and changing. I use lines in my work to create infinity visual works." 

Hug Yin has exhibited widely within Malaysia including a solo show in 2016 "The Crowâ Lot" in Nando's Chinatown, Malaysia. In the same year, he won the Bronze Award, 2016 UOB Painting Of The Year. In 2015 Hug Yin wone 1st prize in Mix Media, Tanjong Heritage Awards and Grand Prize, Nando's Art Initiative Competition (Fine Art category).