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Concha Gavilán

Seville, Spain

2 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Works by Concha Gavilán

Concha Gavilán uses photographs to build an instantaneous, bleak, gray-colored mini-story, somewhat threatening as if the conflict was foreshadowed after the family reunion. In other paintings, the figures or objects are evanescent, in monochrome tones, undefined in their profile, inconcrete, as suggesting that it is the spectator who completes what is not seen.

Academic training
Master in Interdisciplinary Artistic Production, Málaga (Currently)
Graduated in Fine Arts, University of Seville 2013/2018
Awards and scholarships
2019 Contest Finalist ‘Valencia Ateneo Mercantil Award’, Valencia
2015 I Prize for the Plastic Arts Contest ‘Horizon Line: Senectud’, Seville
2015 I Prize Drawing Contest ‘Art, culture and cooperation with Africa’, Seville
2015 Finalist Art-Innovation Contest Espacio Joven Uni, Sevilla
2016 Landscape Revaluation Fellow of urban space, University of Seville and Junta de
Group exhibitions
2019 Tribute to Rafael Agredano, Plan Renove, Seville
2018 Renove Plan, Seville

2018 The conquest of space, Seville
2017 Time and Matter, Laraña Space, Fine Arts, Seville
2017 Art and border spaces. Body, politics and environment. The Empirical, Granada
2016 Offshoring, Güifi Zone, Seville
2018 ‘Art-girls’, report for the Seville Magazine ‘Sevilla Selecta