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Carlos Alarcon is currently living and working in Bogota. Carlos studied Visual Arts at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and Ephemeral Architecture at the Universidad Politecnica de Cataluna in Barcelona. 

Working collaboratively and individually in audio-visual production and visual art projects for more than eighteen years, Carlos incorporates drawing and painting as a meeting point to capture small moments and images that are difficult to forget and relocating possibilities in front of the canvas to analyze and confront artistic, cultural, and socio-political situations. Carlos builds his works with small bits of existence, conjugating in a few lines questions about the games at play in a society that is torn between the trenches of the absurd, disappearances, mutilation and oblivion. 

Drawing is Alarcon’s main means of communication, and thousands of drawings in different techniques invade his studio. Strange characters, animals, objects and unknown places are part of the small stories drawn by Alarcón, also speaking of the common absurdity we live in; trying to make easy to read images allowing people to interact with and complete the stories that are captured on paper. 



2017 Trial and Error, Beatriz Esguerra Arte, Bogota, Colombia

2016 Angustias, Alonso Arte, Bogota, Colombia

2015 Recolección de Angustias, Performance, Bogota, Colombia

2013 Ante la Nada, Galería Beatriz Esguerra Art, Bogotá, Colombia.

2011 Angustias, Galería Beatriz Esguerra Art, Bogotá, Colombia.

2008 DOS, Sala de exposiciones Convenio Andrés Bello, Bogotá.