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Málaga, 1988 She lives and works in Madrid Irene González obtained a degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad de Granada in 2011 and the master’s degree Drawing: Creation, Production and Diffusion in Universidad de Granada in 2012. In her drawings there is a predominance of black and white and a clear influence of vintage photography – mainly anonymous. It’s precisely after rethinking these photographs that she begins to draw. The final result of this process is an oddity that creates an uneasy sensation which transports you, taking you further than in a superficial first glance would. It’s not a coincidence that her visual references are the images of nineteenth century researchers of physiognomies, such as Duchenne de Boulogne and George Seurat’s drawing works, among others. Through the memory, she reinterprets faces that might be called “abstract”, immovable or inexpressive. In short, it’s a “new realism” marked by scars and signs of wounds that show us the impossibility of a return to origin. There is a fundamental stylistic feature that stands out in her series: silence. The images transmit stillness, an inner calm chaos where existence seems to be floating, on hold.

Irene González’s work has been shown at several solo exhibitions such as [des]encuentros, Galería silvestre (Madrid, 2017); Espacios afectivos, zonas de ruina, Galería silvestre (Tarragona, 2016); Sueños de infinito. Galería Punto Rojo (Granada, 2014); Galería Benot (Cádiz, 2014) or En la caverna de la infancia seguimos aterrados. Galería silvestre (Tarragona, 2014). She has also taken part in different group exhibitions. Amongst others, El proceso. Muestra de antiguos alumnos para FACBA'16, Feria de Arte Contemporáneo de la Facultad de Bellas Artes de Granada (2016); Hide and seek to A3Bandas, curated by Nerea Ubieto, Galería silvestre (Madrid, 2015); Una mirada a Japón. Galería Ceferino Navarro, (Granada, 2014); Galería José Manzanares (Linares, 2013). Irene González has participated in Art Fairs such as Drawing Room, Feria de dibujo contemporáneo, 2nd edition, with Galería silvestre (Madrid, 2017); MARTE, Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo, 3ª edition with Galería silvestre (Castellón, 2016); Art Marbella, Feria de Arte Moderno y Contemporáneo, 2ª edition, with Galería silvestre (Málaga, 2016); Please, ART, Feria de Arte Contemporáneo y Joven, with Galería silvestre (Salamanca, 2015) or ArtJaen, artist invited by Galería Uno de Uno (Jaén, 2012).