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Kooness is very glad to announce that one of the young talents from its exclusive online selection is now on view at Gallerie d'Italia, a prestigious modern and contemporary museum in Milan located in Piazza della Scala.

He is the young Slovakian artist Marek Jarotta, whose artworks are part of an extraordinary exhibition at Gallerie d'Italia entirely dedicated to Slovakian artists under 35. 


The show is called “Slovenská. New Generation – Mal’ba 2006-2015" and consists of exhibiting the winning artworks of a competition organized by the VUB Foundation who supports contemporary young art in the field of painting. 

On annual basis, it organizes the Competition Painting – VUB Foundation Award for Painting and for Young Artists designed for professional painters below 35 years. Its objective is to support their work, assist them in starting up their artistic career as well as present the contemporary young art to the public.

The exhibition has been curated by Nina Gažovicˇová and realized thanks to the contribution of the Embassy of Slovakia in Italy and the Institute of Slovakia in Rome. 


Thirty are the artworks acquired through the Mal'ba competition, pieces by young Slovak artists who have received recognition for their creation from international experts of art in the last decade. Among them, artworks by Marek Jarotta

From 2007 to 2013, Marek attended the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, and perfected his skills with Doc. Klaudia Kosziba. In the first competition he entered, he was immediately placed among the finalists and subsequently won a prize (2013). Marek lives and works in Bratislava, and in Ružomberok. 


Marek Jarotta, Gallerie d'Italia


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