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The proposal of the World Memorial to the Pandemic was developed by Gømez Platero, a Latin American architectural firm. Conceived as a space for reflection and observation between earth, sea and sky, the monument consists of massive circular structurewith a void exactly in the center. It will serve as an “affecting sensory experience that bridges the gap between the urban and natural worlds, creating an ideal environment for introspection”.

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Titled ‘World Memorial to the Pandemic’, the project aims at becoming the first large-scale memorial for victims of the Covid-19 pandemic. As ultimate expression of hope in an uncertain time, [...] the monument symbolizes a deep love for humanity, and will stand as an emblem of the shared struggle and loss each one of us has endured in this frightful time” says company director and lead architect Martin Gømez Platero.


World Memorial to the Pandemic © Gomez Platero


The World Memorial to the Pandemic encourages introspection and reflection. Placed along Uruguayan coastline and sitting respectfully on the site with minimal environmental impact, the project will be accessible only by a walking path. Leading visitors away from the sounds of urban life, they will eventually be surrounded by nature. At the center of the monument, consisting in a large circular shaped plate, an open void discloses the roaring waters of the Atlantic Ocean, encouraging the viewer to reflect on the power of nature and consequently on human fragility. 

“The global impact of this pandemic has revealed a new map of the world. This new reality has conditioned our lifestyles, habits and the way we relate to each other. In this process, innumerable uncertainties arise with regard to the future. All activities and disciplines of knowledge are reformulating themselves to provide a response to this new crisis. As architects, we have assumed a commitment to conceive of and build a physical testimony to this singular collective juncture: a World Memorial to the Pandemic. A device, between monument and public space, capable of activating the senses and recreating bridges between the experience of the place and individual memory, which gives us back a transformative image of the world.” 

The project is being discussed with the Uruguayan government so to choose a specific construction site, which as mentioned, must allow for a minimum environmental impact. Once the site will be chosen, the firm estimates that construction of World Memorial to the Pandemic will take six months to complete.


World Memorial to the Pandemic © Gomez Platero


World Memorial to the Pandemic © Gomez Platero


Cover image: World Memorial to the Pandemic © Gomez Platero

Written by Giulia Cami 

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