Home Magazine What About the Art Market After Trump’s Victory?


One of the-day-after-thoughts is about how the art world is responding to Donald Trump’s unexpected victory that has left much of the country reeling in shock.


As financial markets respond to Trump’s shocking win over Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the US presidential election, experts are investigating upon the possible effects for the art market.

As high-net-worth individuals always look for tangible assets such as gold and art, people from the sector think that art can be reasonably conceived as an appealing place to park money amid the global uncertainty following Trump’s win. Trump's new specific tax policies and promises may influence the market. Sometimes wealthy individuals buy works of art as a way to evade taxes. Trump's actions will then enhance their tax situation and they may have less incentives in collecting and buying art. 

However what all this means for the wider art world is yet unclear.

What is totally clear is that, as was to be expected, the liberal stronghold that is the art world is taking Clinton’s defeat particularly hard. Many artists and prominent persons in the art world are expressing their disapproval and disbelief regarding the new US President. 

Here some examples of American and international artists' reactions on the victory of Donald Trump. 


Trump x Magritte - Butcher Billy. Courtesy of the artist




Atalanta & Meleager - Peter Paul Rubens. Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art




Donald Trump - Hansky. Courtesy of the artist




Don’t Feed The Trolls - Tabby. Courtesy of the artist