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Step into the world anew through the diverse lenses of Antonides, Graff, and Tycho in 'Three Davids, Three Perspectives.' Witness their captivating artistic narratives.

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On Thursday, October 5th, the art world will witness an exhibition that presents an intriguing fusion of three distinct artists' perspectives. "Three Davids, Three Perspectives" is a remarkable showcase featuring the works of Davids Antonides, Graff, and Tycho. Each of these artists, with their individual styles and distinctive ways of perceiving the world, will be juxtaposed, revealing both complementary and contrasting facets of their artistic vision. Beyond their shared first names, these three artists are unified by their deep connection to the world as the ultimate source of inspiration.

David Graff, renowned for his gilded artistic viewpoint, offers viewers a revealing portrait of the world as a profoundly emotional entity. Graff's choice of metallic leafs, lustrous resin, and self-made paints gives his works a unique allure. His fascination with nature's beauty is evident in his high-shine depictions, with water as a recurring motif. In Graff's stilled seascapes, the perfectly even resin encases the panels, while crashing waves come to life through thin white paint layers between coats of resin, capturing the ocean spray's dynamic reach. His landscapes and open water compositions invite us to explore infinite depths and the boundless possibilities that lie beyond the surface. Pieces like "Miles to Go" and "For the Ages" transport viewers into epic frontiers, making them an integral part of the narrative within each piece.

David Tycho. Elemental No.12. Courtesy of Art Works Gallery

David Tycho, a master of balancing representationalism and abstraction, adapts his approach based on the project's unique requirements. Whether creating cityscapes, landscapes, or figurative and industrial subjects, Tycho molds a distinctive visual language for contemporary urban life. His work underscores the delicate balance between the natural world and human invention. Tycho's anti-idealizing aesthetic portrays the urban environment in its decadence and decay, providing a canvas for his artistic expression. His foray into the digital realm results in experimental aluminum pieces that merge photography and painting, emphasizing contemporary themes within the medium. While exploring these innovative techniques, Tycho maintains a profound respect for classical principles, such as the 18th-century Neoclassical standard of linear perspective, which is particularly evident in his alley scenes. David Tycho stands as a humble student, building upon the artistic traditions of the past to visually interpret the contemporary world.

David Antonides. The Sun Also Rises. Courtesy of Art Works Gallery

David Antonides, known for his urban watercolors and inks, captures city life with the swift and gestural strokes of his brush. Currently residing in Berlin, Antonides has experienced living in various cities, including Whitehorse, Vancouver, and New York. Each place has left its mark on his artistic journey, influencing not only his chosen subjects and titles but also his distinctive style. Antonides' artistic expression mirrors the essence of both Asian calligraphy and American Abstract Expressionism. His gestural brushwork resonates with the essence of urban life, capturing the everyday urgency that defines city living.

In "Three Davids, Three Perspectives," art enthusiasts will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world seen through the eyes of these three visionary artists. As they explore Graff's emotional landscapes, Tycho's modern interpretations, and Antonides' gestural urban scenes, they will embark on a journey that transcends the ordinary and delves into the heart of human creativity. This exhibition is a testament to the power of artistic diversity and the myriad ways in which artists perceive and interpret the world around them, inviting viewers to look beyond the surface and embrace the captivating narratives each David offers.

Written by Kooness

Cover image: David Graff. Going Coastal Tryptich. Courtesu of Art Works Gallery

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