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curated by Andrea Carlo Alpini
artists involved: Christiane Beer, Sonia Costantini, Domenico D’Oora, Simone Dulcis, Marco Mendeni, Elena Modorati, Fabrizio Parachini, Sean Shanahan, Stan Van Steendam


12 December 2017

13 - 29 December 2017

Theca Gallery
22 Tadino Street
20124 Milan


Theca Gallery presents “Harvest”, a group exhibition that collects actual and past artists from gallery’s history.

The exhibition is characterized by small-scale artworks, but with a huge visual and spatial impact.

Christiane Beer shows two new ceramic artworks. Sonia Costantini presents two precious monochrome paintings, Blauschwarz” and “Vermiglione”. Domenica D’Oora displays an inedited bicolored diptych plus another artwork on shaped board. Simone Dulcis presents a mixed technique on board, “L’indifferenza della terra”. It’s an important artworks recently exposed at Museo Man (Nuoro, Italy). Marco Mendeni realized a new artwork on cement belonging to the series, “Google: does god exists?”. Elena Modorati created a work of art made by wax, belonging to the cycle “Temen” and exhibited at Bocconi University two years ago. Fabrizio Parachini shows a black square “Aleph”, and bifacial and bicolored monochrome paintings are presented by Sean Shanaham. Last but not least, Stan Van Steendam displays two wall sculptures, in order to anticipate his solo show next spring.


In occasion, the catalogue entitled Vernissage della Galleria will be presented. A black and white book by Fabrizio Fortini, that collects shots realized during each gallery openings in 2017.


Domenico D’Oora,


Elena Modorati,


Simone Dulcis,



Marco Mendeni,


Stan Van Steendam,



She was born in Plauen, Saxony, in 1965. She is now living in Italy, near the city of Cuneo where it is located her atelier as well. The artist cooperates with art galleries mostly based in Milan, Munich and Stuttgart, each of them fundamental places in her artistic formation. In 1986 Christiane Beer attends the sculpture lessons held by the artist Giuseppe Spagnulo at the Staatliche Akademie der Blindenden Künste in Stuttgart. Later she becomes Spagnulo’s assistant both for the academy and for his Italian atelier, in Milan. Christiane Beer’s artistic career starts off in Berlin, in 1994, when the Sophien-Edition Gallery organises her first solo show. Among her most recent expositions: Arte sul territorio Progetti d’Arte site-specific in Borgomanero (NO) curated by Angela Madesani (2010); the collective shows realised in collaboration with Il Milione Gallery, Circus Quadrus 30 Artisti per Bruno Munari IN 2011 and L’istante interminabile with Elena Modorati curated by Federico Sardella (2013). Her most recent collective show is The Void, curated by Angela Madesani for Theca Gallery Milan. The show moves around the concept of “void”, interpreted by the four female protagonists through four different declinations: Christiane Beer’s concrete and aluminium volumes combine with Elisabeth Scherffig’s transparent papers, with Aja von Loeper’s delicate sculptures in white paper and with Elena Modorati’s light wax volumes. 



Sonia Costantini is an artist born in 1956 in Mantua, Italy. She still lives and works as a freelance artist in Mantua. In the 70s she started her artistic studies, in the range of color field painting. Her works are represented in the collection Panza Di Biumo (Varese, Italy), Civica del Disegno Gallery (Modena, Italy), Banca Nazionale del Lavoro Collection (Rome, Italy), Gallery of Modern Art (Ferrara, Italy) and Sarcinelli Palace Museum (Conegliano, Italy). Among the main exhibitions: Grand Palais (Parigi); Museo Etnografico (San Pietroburgo); Galleria Il Milione (Milano); Studio Reggiani (Milano); Museo Arti Grafiche (Ljublijana); Accademia di Brera - Sala Napoleonica (Milano); Cà dei Carraresi (Treviso); Palazzo Sarcinelli (Conegliano); Banca Centrale Europea (Francoforte); Chiostro del Bramante (Roma); Frankfurter Westendgalerie (Francoforte); Galerie Gottied Stracke (Colonia); PAC di Ferrara; Kölnisches Stadtmuseum (Colonia); Galerie Ventana (Münster); Galleria Rubin (Milano); Schwimmhalle Schloss (Plön) e Meklenburgisches Künstlerhaus (Plüschow) nella Germania del Nord; Palazzo Ducale (Gubbio); Galleria Salzano (Torino); Galerie Artopoi (Friburgo); Palazzo Libera (Villa Lagarina, TN); Palazzo Pretorio (Cittadella, PD); Neue Galerie (Landshut); Galerie Florian Trampler (Monaco); Istituto Italiano di Cultura (Monaco); Arena 1 Gallery (Santa Monica, L.A. California); Palazzo Ducale e Palazzo Te (Mantova); Bocconi Art Gallery (Milano); Ikona Gallery (Venezia); Artmark Galerie (Vienna); Galleria San Fedele (Milano); Museo D’Annunzio Segreto – Vittoriale degli Italiani (Gardone Riviera); Diözesanmuseum (Passau); Palazzo del Monferrato (Alessandria); Villa Contarini (Piazzola sul Brenta, PD); Rocca di Umbertide (PG).



Domenico D’Oora was born in London in 1953. In 1976 he graduated in Painting at Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera with Guido Ballo as his teacher. At the Academy he attended lessons in “Gestalt psychology” and “Art and cybernetics” held by Cesare Musatti and Silvio Ceccato; at the same time he attended classes in “Theoretical philosophy” taught by Enzo Paci at Università Statale in Milan. Early in his career, in the late ‘70s, Domenico D’Oora developed a series of works called “Deconstruction of verbal-visual language – The mind space”. His artistic research, characterized by the use of colour and materials in a perceptive way, began in the second half of the ‘80s. Since  ‘80s, the artist realized 50 solo shows and participated in various international group exhibitions in public spaces: Galerie Appel Francoforte; Galleria Santo Ficara Firenze; Galleria Il Milione Milano; IHK Frankfurt, Francoforte; Lazertis Galerie, Zurigo; Art Karlsruhe; Palazzo Correr, Venezia; Frankfurter Westend Galerie Francoforte; Casa del Mantegna Mantova; Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Gallarate; Folini Arte Contemporanea Chiasso (CH); Kunstverein Bad Nauheim; Bocconi Art Gallery Milano; Museum fur Angewandte Kust Francoforte; Galleria Peccolo Livorno; Casa centrale dell’Arte di Mosca, Tiblisi, Baku; Verifica 8+1 Venezia; Palazzo Pretorio Cittadella; Galleria Olim Bergamo; Tikkun, Milano; La Permanente Milano; Head Quarters Pirelli Bicocca Milano; Deutsches Kulturzentrum Lugano; Arte Struktura Milano; Palazzo Leone da Perego Legnano; Galerie Lidiya Yametti Bachenbulach CH; Museo Casa Bianca Malo; Pio Monti Roma; Trevi Flash Art Museum Trevi; Artesilva Seregno; Cavenaghi Arte Milano; Galleria Sincron Brescia; Fondazione Zappettini Chiavari; Galleria Ai Molini Portogruaro; Artestudio Milano; Palazzo Riso Arte Contemporanea Palermo; Museo D’Annunzio Segreto, Vittoriale degli Italiani Gardone (BS); DeltaZeroArt Lugano; Galleria Spriano Omegna; Villa Contarini Piazzola sul Brenta (PD); Rocca di Umbertide (PG); Theca Gallery Milano; Ferrarin Arte Legnago.



Simone Dulcis was born in Milan in 1971. He is a painter, audio and visual Artist that lives and works in Cagliari, Sardegna (Italy)His artworks are present in private collections, museums and art foundation in Italy and abroad. Among recent exhibitions: Orbis - Fondazione per l'arte Bartoli-Felter - Cagliari (2017), Leaving Room_“unpassodalladdìo” – Spazio In)visibile, Cagliari (2016), Temporaneo E Permanente, Dulcis/Gramsdorff - Galleria Schillerstrasse106, Berlin (2014), Cattedrali – Spazio In)visibile, Cagliari (2013), ConNaissance - Rassegna: Caratteri Ereditari e Mutazioni Genetiche (sala personale) –  Museo MAN, Nuoro (2012). Con Theca Gallery ha esposto in Co-Naissance, Albetti/ Dulcis (2013) e nello stesso anno anche alla Budapest Art Fair.



Born in Brescia in 1979, Marco Mendeni is one of the leading artist in Video Art and Game Art in the contemporary scene. He studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera in Milan, then attended a painting class where he acquired decoration and restoration skills. He graduated with a thesis on the influence of playful video universes videos on art, before specializing in interactive multimedia and performing arts at the New Technologies Department for the art of the Brera Academy. The Artist is internationally represented by the Theca Gallery in Milan. Among his main exhibitions: Ende Tymes IV (New York U.S.A); Museo Pecci (Milano, Italia); Gamec (Bergamo Italia); Team Titanic (Berlino, Germania); MIA The Armory Center for the Arts (California, U.S.A); FILE (San Paolo, Brasile); Cultural Center of Novi Sad (Serbia); Athens SlingShot (Georgia, U.S.A); DigitalGraffiti ArtTechnology (Florida, U.S.A); Galleria Civica (Campione d’Italia, Italia); MART (Trento, Italia); Games That People Play (Brusselles, Belgio); Museo Civico di Monfalcone (Gorizia, Italia); BNL Media Art Festival (MAXXI, Roma), Theca Gallery (Lugano, Svizzera + Milano, Italia).



Elena Modorati was born in 1969 in Milan, where she is now living and working. After graduating in Philosophy at the University of Milan, she starts off her artistic career in 2002 with her first solo show in Milan. Among her most recent solo exhibitions, it is to remind Impalpabili variazioni tattili, Galleria Cardi, Pietrasanta (LU), curated by Federico Sardella, 2014. As far as the collective shows are concerned, among the most important steps of Elena Modorati’s artistic career, it is worth a mention her exposition at Miart, with Derbylius and Spaziotemporaneo, in 2010. In 2013 she cooperates with the German artist Christiane Beer for Galleria Il Milione (L’istante interminabile). In 2014 Elena Modorati exposes in Santa Monica, California, (Overpainting, Arena1gallery) curated by Matteo Galbiati. Most recenti is, on the contrary, her collaboration with the artist Sandro De Alexandris in the show curated by Francesco Tedeschi, (Sfiorare il tempo) at Galleria Progetto Arte Elm, Milan, 2015. The Void is the collective show curated by Angela Madesani for Theca Gallery Milan about the idea of “void” the four participants interpret in different artistic keys. Together with Elena Modorati, they are Elisabeth Scherffig, Beer and Aja Von Loeper.



Fabrizio Parachini was born in Novara and graduated in medicine in Turin. He exercises as a doctor for a decade while studying and investigating the theories and poetry of abstract art. In 1995 he makes his first solo exhibition Linee di co-erenza at the Pinacoteca di Villa Soranzo (NO). Among his most recent artistic activity, it is to mention the solo show, Fabrizio Parachini: l'attesa, sulla soglia, in Saronno at the Uruguay Chamber of Commerce, curated by Theca Gallery in 2014. The collaboration between Fabrizio Parachini and Theca Gallery carries on in 2015 with the solo show, Fabrizio Parachini: semplici sonorità, presented in Milan at Azimut Consulenza SIM, as well as the participation to the Vilnius Art Fair in B-Side & Rarities



Born in Dublin he was educated in London and Madrid, and has lived and worked in Northern Italy since the late 1980's. Shanahan has exhibited widely throughout Europe since the early 1980's, and has had numerous solo shows, especially in Italy, the Netherlands and Germany. In recent years these have included major solo exhibitions at the Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery, Dublin; the Fondazione Scarampi, Italy, and the Sleeper Gallery Edinburgh. He has participated in group shows at Galerie du Jour/Agnes B in Paris; Karl Ernst Osthaus Museum, Hagen, Germany; and the Irish Museum of Modern Art, amongst others. Shanahan is represented in the collections of the Irish Museum of Modern Art Dublin, the Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery Dublin and in many other collections, both public and private, throughout Europe.



Born in 1985 in Brussels, Belgium, he got a Master in Visual Arts, St.-Lucas, Ghent. He lives and works between Brussels (BE) and Lisbon (PT). His research is based on the use of epoxy resin as a construction material in relation to the pigment. He creates volumetric paintings that come in the form of three-dimensional objects in which the monochrome color of the surface blends with the material part of the plaster thickness of the structure. He has won three different artist residencies, two in Portugal (Syntax and Prainha) and one in Italy (Turin, 2017). Among the main personal exhibitions we remember the one at the Amsterdam Art Fair and "What does it matter" from Boeckercontemporary in Heidelberg (Germany) as well as "KOSMOS" at the Kunsthuis LOOF gallery in Jubbega (Holland), all in 2017 with Theca Gallery exhibited in "Aspetti di superficie".





































The exhibition will be open from 13 to 29 December, closing during Christmas holidays.