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American photographer Sandro Miller (b. 1958, Elgin, Illinois) is an award-winning artist, most known for his portraits and commercial campaigns. Miller approached photography at an early age, where he embraced the idea of portraiture after Irving Penn. The artist pursued photography and was mostly self- taught, dedicating his life to his craft.

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From September 30 to December 17, 2021, Expowall Gallery will honour Miller’s work and career, with an exhibition titled The Women of Sandro MillerThe Women of Sandro Miller will feature thirty of American photographer Sandro Miller’s portraits, a curated selection of his most celebrated projects - Crowns, Atropa and Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich.

Exploring the female universe from different angles and perspectives, Miller inquires into the female ontology that removes resemblances and analogies in favour of diversity and plurality. This approach is also frequently applied to Miller’s aesthetic research, as can be seen in the project Malkovich, Malkovich, Malkovich, whereby a game of analogies and metaphorical resemblances recreate and give new meaning to famous subjects in contemporary portraiture

Crowns is a series that is dedicated to the many pluralities of black women and the freedom of expression through their hairstyles, as a means of reversal of African American and racial oppression.

The Atropa Series features female bodies that almost look like primitive sculptures; by ageing and degrading the film, Miller was able to deconstruct the modern female body and revert back to a quasi-prehistoric and sculptural dimension, where the bodies resemble Hellenistic busts or even Pompeian artifacts.

If you happen to be in Milan, on November 6 photographer Sandro Miller will be at Expowall to sign copies of CROWNS. My Hair, My Soul, My Freedom, (Skira), winner of the Best Fine Art Book of 2021 at the International Photography Awards. Signed copies of the book are available on request and can be picked up in the following days. Don't miss it!



Sandro Miller, Lutece, Chicago.


Cover image: Sandro Miller, Courtesy of Expowall.

Written by Darya Shojai

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