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Juane Xue, a figurative painter from China, has made a name of herself through her exquisite depictions of ‘abandoned tables’. An expert of color, she impeccably illustrates light and subtle movement in her paintings.

A warm summer breeze, sun slowly setting while the its glimmers linger on the wide, blue sea. Or a spring evening, with the smell of flowers all around and the trees casting their peaceful shadows on the grass. In front of it, a dinner table, with a flowing tablecloth and used plates and bottles after what used to fill them have been enjoyed. The peace and warmth of such a scenery is what should be expected from a Juane Xue painting.
Juane Xue, who was born in 1962 in Kaifeng, China, repeatedly uses the theme of dining tables in her paintings. As an artist who is especially talented in using color to reflect the lights and shadows of a fleeting moment on the canvas, this is the perfect theme for her to display her technique. She often uses the phrase, “color is my greatest wealth” to the extent that it has become a symbol of her artistic style.
Xue turned out to be a drawing prodigy when she first started drawing in her childhood years. She studied at the University of Henan to study Western art of painting after which she went to the Art Academy of Beijing. She has been living and working in the Netherlands since 2001 and currently she gives masterclasses in color at the 'Klassieke Academie voor Schilderkunst' in Groningen.

Juane Xue, Sweet memory. Courtesy of Morren Gallery.

One of her art’s most distinguishing characteristics is that she embodies an awe-inspiring fusion of Eastern and Western art. In a sense, she goes against Rudyard Kipling's famous quote "Oh, East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet". On one hand, Xue uses the subtlety of the East, and on the other, her color palette reminds the viewers of the distinct sense of color of the French Impressionists and German Expressionists. She proves that she is connected to her roots yet not afraid to overcome boundaries and adapt to different artistic styles.

Juane Xue, Eeuwige lente. Courtesy of Morren Gallery.

When looking at Xue’s paintings one can sense the flow of the moment past the stillness of the view. The position of the tablecloth and the flowers, and the use of shadows that reflect on the surfaces almost make the viewers sense the breeze on their skin. The sense that the guests have left the table but the table is still full of stuff radiates the warmth of a sincere dinner party full of laughter and delightful conversation.

Juane Xue, Grenzeloos Zeelicht, 2022. Courtesy of Morren Gallery.

The artist herein also illustrated the post-state of a dinner party on the beach. The flawless use of color depicts the end of a bright day now slowly shifting into darkness. The setting sun leaves its glimmers on the sea and the glasses radiate the warmth of the sunlight. Once again, the guests have left the table but some are probably close by, taking in the beauty of the moment.
Juane Xue has established herself as a painter who embraces color as an endless source of richness. Her paintings that portray dining tables radiate warmth both visually and symbolically. Immediately pulling the viewers into themselves, they offer a warm invite to whoever looks at it. Currently, her work is exhibited in several European countries waiting to be met by art lovers.


Cover Image: Juane Xue, Vieren aan zee I. Courtesy of Morren Gallery

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