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Loy Luo is passionate about philosophy, loves questioning and drawing her audience to her inner thoughts. To fully understand and explore her art, the viewer is compelled to move.

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The talented Chinese artist from Beijing, Loy Luo, is not only sensational as a painter and a sculptor, but she is also a conceptual and performance artist, poet, vocalist and writer. After her Master’s Degree at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, she started immediately teaching art at the Beijing Institute of Science and Technology Management, from 2010 to 2012, followed by her first solo exhibitions, group shows and events’ participation around the world.

Her art is inspired and influenced by her passions and her life. The musicality of her artworks comes from her background as a musician, recounting ancient songs of friendship and love through her notations. Furthermore, her soulful abstract creations explore the inner spiritual world, aiming to purse the Tao, a process of enlightenment. In order to view her art and completely experience the evershifting color, depth and space, the viewer is compelled to move around, from left to right and from up to down.

Loy Luo. Rune 4, 2022. Courtesy of Mazlish Gallery. 

All of her creations have a huge, borderless space, which creates a floating, gravity-free world, that changes constantly according to the ambient light. The brush marks fuse together the depth and the strength of stone with the lightness of air and space, shaping the artworks and evoking timeless songs.She has recently exhibited her artworks at Mazlish Gallery, (21st of October – 23rd of November 2023), in New York, showing her newest body of work, entitled “Secret”, formed by large abstract paintings and smaller works on canvas. “Secret” reflected an expression of Loy Luo quest for Self, displaying themes such as internal conflicts and warring impulses.

Her abstract paintings are appreciated thanks to the way she paints intangibles. Through precise, powerful and forceful brush marks, she creates alchemic surfaces and she describes immense spaces, turning these abstractions in manifests. Moreover, she has the capacity to convey the power of implied telluric currents and the piercing luminosity of her colors with a lightness of being.

Loy Luo. Palimpsest 2, 2022. Courtesy of Mazlish Gallery. 

For all these reasons, Loy Luo’s art is appreciated worldwide. In fact, her artworks have been exhibited and collected in several countries, from United States to China, showing her talent through solo exhibitions, group shows, events and public projects.

Cover Image: Loy Luo. Half Diamond Sutra, 2023. Courtesy of Mazlish Gallery. 

Written by: Kooness

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