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The Other Art Fair will be in London this July. It returns to give space to independent and emerging artists in person, but there will also be a digital side to The Other Art Fair.

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The Other Art Fair is back in London. Organised by Saatchi Art, this year the art fair doubles. 

In fact, at the start of next month, Saatchi Art is returning to London to show 1000s of artworks by over 100 artists, with both in-person and digital venues.

1-4 July 2021, the fair will be in the West Handyside Canopy in King’s Cross London with timed-entry tickets. The open-air but covered exhibit (both COVID and rain-proof) will see guest English rock musician and artist Ronnie Wood, famous member of The Rolling Stones. 


n.d., The Other Art Fair Photo Previous Edition, n.d., Courtesy of Saatchi Art © 2021 Saatchi Art. LG Commerce. 


For those who cannot be there in person, it is possible to visit artist studios online and register for free to access the first Virtual Edition of the fair. In fact, the London Virtual Edition will take place online between the 6-11 July, following The Other Art Fair’s In-person edition. 

The Virtual Edition includes tours and the possibility to book a chat with an artist. Further, there will be digital screenings of performative works – such London-based KV Duong creating a bold painting with his body covered in paint, and the startling ‘Digital Catwalk’ by Nottingham-based artist Bruce Asbestos.


Art in Flux, Virtual Exhibition, n.d., Courtesy of Saatchi Art. © 2021 Saatchi Art. LG Commerce. 


Also in the London Virtual Edition, the UK-based collective Art-in-Flux, which connects digital artists, will present an online exhibition. A participatory digital art project ‘Shemza.Digital’ highlights the importance of migrant voices by inviting the public to create their own artworks. And CALM Art Collective, a group fighting to prevent suicide, will present works by artists who explore themes connected to wellbeing and mental health.

Globally renown, The Other Art Fair is a much-awaited event in central London. Born seven years ago and artist-led, it connects a curious audience directly to independent and emerging artists. 

This is just a selection of what will be included, however, this very different art fair will be an especially wonderful and flexible opportunity in London 2021. In fact, the combination of physical and digital events will make The Other Art Fair a unique occasion to safely enjoy art and buy works directly from the promising talents - wherever you are.

The perfect rare space for young and new collectors!


Saatchi Art, The Other Art Fair – Open Studios Website Banner, 2021, Courtesy of Saatchi Art. © 2021 Saatchi Art. LG Commerce. 


Jacky Oliver, Composition 1 Sculpture, n.d., Courtesy of Saatchi Art. © 2021 Saatchi Art. LG Commerce. 


Alexander Randall, Dance of the Hours Painting, n.d., Courtesy of Saatchi Art. © 2021 Saatchi Art. LG Commerce. 


Cover image: n.d., The Other Art Fair Photo Previous Edition, n.d., Courtesy of Saatchi Art © 2021 Saatchi Art. LG Commerce. 

Written by Zoë Rivas Zanello

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