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Increasingly precautions are taken every day by the Chinese State to contrast the terrible diffusion of coronavirus. Now in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong museums have closed for precaution, so what fate it's expected for the most important art world fair?

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Just a few weeks ago the city of Wuhan has seen the coronavirus diffusion, which evermore risks to becoming an international emergency. The latest alarm comes from the World Health Organization (WHO), which has corrected previous reports in which they spoke of a "moderate" level. Instead, the risk reported, "is very high in China, high at a regional level and high at a global level". While in Europe the first two cases have been diagnosed in Paris and Bordeaux, the China Republic is now largely paralyzed by the infection.

Now, 14 cities are on quarantine with suspended trains, extraordinary hygiene measures for taxis and public transport, and most of the cultural sites are closed. For more than a week, statal museums and tourist attractions have been indefinitely closed. The provision concerns, among others, the Forbidden City - the ceremonial and political center of the Chinese government, home of the emperors and their families for five centuries - and also large stretches of the Great Wall.

But It's not only mainland China at risk: Hong Kong, already heavily affected by the Sars in 2003, is also taking extraordinary measures. As announced by the leader Carrie Lam, all the travel to mainland China will be limited, including the suspension of trains services and ferries and limiting flights. In addition, individual travellers will no longer be able to enter Hong Kong from the mainland. So here too for the art system front, there is a serious concern. In this situation also one of the most important contemporary fairs in the world is at risk. Scheduled from 19 to 21 March 2020 Art Basel Hong Kong - that this year which would celebrate its 50 years of history -  as declared to The Art Newspaper magazine  "is taking the situation very seriously and is closely monitoring developments with specialists and members of the selection committee."

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Written by Elisabetta Rastelli

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