Home Magazine "That's Life" and the Colourful Eclecticism of Ugo Nespolo




1st October 2016  - 15th January 2017



Danilo Eccher



Fondazione Puglisi Cosentino 

Via Vittorio Emanuele II 122

Catania (IT)



The colourful eclecticism of Ugo Nespolo will be the protagonist of his first exhibition in Sicily. 

It's called "That's life", the extraordinary anthology of Nespolo's universe curated by Danilo Eccher and organized by Enrico and Lorenzo Lombardi at Fondazione Puglisi Cosentino (Catania). The exhibition will feature a selection of more than 170 various artworks, between 1967 and 2016, coming from private collections: drawings, intallations, sculptures, furnitures, carpets, together with the traditional wooden constructions, will create a perfect cultural excursus of one of the most bizarre personalities within the Italian artistic landscape. While, a whole section of the exhibition is dedicated to the avant-garde cinema of the Seventies. 

But what does it mean 'eclecticism' to Ugo Nespolo? "To investigate the artistic and cultural reality in a wider way". That's life's attempt. 


The exhibition will last until 15 January 2017. 

To get ready for "That's Life", browse the charming selection of Ugo Nespolo's artworks, which is available for sale on Kooness.



Vaffanculo Big, Ugo Nespolo. Courtesy of Studio Fornaresio and Artist 


Vaffanculo Big, Ugo Nespolo. Courtesy of Studio Fornaresio and Artist