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From the 7th until the 17th of October, Taste Contemporary will present Distorted Duets, a compelling group exhibition showcasing the parallels between the works of contemporary sculptors and photographers. The upcoming exhibition will take place in the industrial setting of Fonderie Kugler in Geneva.

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Established in 2012, Taste Contemporary is a Swiss gallery based in Geneva that displays artworks of contemporary artists who embrace a craft aesthetic, working with materials ranging from glass, metal to textile and wood. The gallery showcases both established and emerging artists, promoting their work and encouraging a better understanding and greater appreciation of the genre. In order to do so, each year Taste Contemporary delivers a rich and varied programme, which consists of participations in fairs, collaborations with museums and regular gallery exhibitions. 

This autumn, the gallery will present a fascinating exhibition: Distorted Duets, where the sculptural works by artists at Taste Contemporary will be matched with the work of five contemporary photographers. The exhibition aims at connecting audiences that are familiar with each one of the two genres, showing them the possibilities that exist within the other. The pairing has been carefully curated: it explores the surprising parallels between the artworks, despite the difference in the choice of the medium adopted.


Gijs Assmann, Where Once We Were II, 2021, Courtesy of Taste Contemporary.


The sculptural objects of Richard Meitner, who works combining glass with other materials in order to challenge and surprise the viewer, are displayed alongside the photographs of Ruth van Beek, who plays with her photographic archive cutting, folding and re-arranging her works. The sculptures of Marit Tingleff are matched with the photographs of Kim Boske, highlighting the painterly quality, in particular the texture and the layering of colour that characterises the oeuvre of both artists. Anne Marie Laureys’ sculptures resemble the mechanics of the body creating a sense of movement, excitement and tactility. They are paired with Paul Kooiker’s photographs, which depict subjects that appear almost “statuesque” in their surrealist quality. Gijs Assmann’s quirky sculptural works are shown alongside Isabelle Wenzel’s photographs, underlining how both artists surprise the viewer by working with or portraying the human body in unexpected ways.The final pair sees Virginia Leonard’s evocative ceramic sculptures alongside the intense and expressive photographs of Elspeth Diederix, which depict fantastic underwater seascapes.


Isabelle Wenzel, Red, Blue, Yellow, 2015.


Taste Contemporary's upcoming exhibition explores the “distorted” parallelisms between different forms of art, sparking a dynamic and enriching dialogue. The connections between the artworks create unexpected meanings, offering an enlightening and engaging experience to the viewer. 


Cover image: Ruth van Beek, Untitled [Two Figures in a Purple Room] #1, 2017.

Written by Francesca Allevi

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